52 Weeks of Data Science

FREE Study Plan with curated material delivered over 52 Weeks via EMail and SMS
Built for Beginners, Budding Data Science Aspirants by Leaders from GreyAtom, DataGiri and more.

A 52-Week once a week Program for busy Data Science Aspirants

The 52 Weeks of Data Science is our flagship emailer program and provides a comprehensive overview of the key topics in Data Science — completely updated with a brand NEW curriculum.

By the end of the study plan, you would have accelerated growth in your data science journey by gaining applied knowledge, creating a portfolio of Data Science projects and much more.

The program is designed for aspirants, features dozens of up-to-date and relevant examples, and budding data scientist can participate from anywhere in the world.

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We are opening this for 1,000 students right now. 52 Weeks of Data Science is launching on 8th October 2018.
This program is limited and fill up extremely fast. Subscribe now for the program.


The only career development program...

  • Created by: Leaders from companies like GreyAtom, DataGiri, Flexiloans, Fractal, and more.
  • Featuring: Top Data Science Leaders from our partners.
  • Tested: 1,000+ alumni have brought learnings back for curating this study plan.

I don't think there's a more exciting field to be in than data science, and that's partly because to be a successful data scientist you have to always be learning. GreyAtom helps you learn more than just the foundations of analytics and machine learning. It helps you become a better learner and that's a skill that will reward you for the rest of your life.

— Paul Meinshausen, Mentor @ GreyAtom

52 Weeks of Data Science is a new kind of career development

Today's top performers want applicable skills that drive impact.

That's why we created 52 Weeks of Data Science. We focus on:

  • Application over memorization. You'll spend time applying every lesson directly to real datasets.
  • Results over credentials. A curriculum designed to give you the tools to do the job, not a certificate that qualifies you for the job.
  • Going deep rather than the surface. GreyAtom's curated material is the culmination of years of experience at top companies from dozens of leaders in Data Science.

Continual learning over expertise. After every cohort, we spend 100+ hours getting feedback, updating curriculum and curating relevant, current material.

Meet Your Program Hosts


Head Program & Academics

Shweta is the co-founder and the Head of Program at GreyAtom. She has previously worked as an Associate Director at Nielsen.

She is the organizer of the popular Data Science Meetup in Mumbai - "DATAGIRI" which has close to 100,000+ members. Her in-depth knowledge of Data Science and her extensive experience of dealing and understanding data scientists has made her an invaluable Data Science Leader.


Head Industry Relations

Mitul is the co-founder at GreyAtom and has previously founded Customer360 which got acquired by NASDAQ: ININ in 2015.

He has a very broad experience spectrum. From working in the Silicon Valley to founding a company that got acquired by NASDAQ: ININ, Mitul has done it all. He mentors at multiple Accelerators and is a personal mentor to a handful of entrepreneurs too.


Chief Academic Counsellor

Mayuresh is the co-founder at GreyAtom and has previously founded Customer360 which got acquired by NASDAQ: ININ in 2015.

He's an alumnus of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology(Madras), is a turnaround specialist and go-to-man at GreyAtom - A complete T-shaped professional. His strengths lie in Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing.

Curated Content from Featured Data Science Leaders

GreyAtom’s 52 Weeks of Data Science series features curated content from the world’s leading Data experts from the fastest growing companies in deep dive interviews, small discussion group events, and more.

Rohit Ghosh

AI Researcher @ Qure.ai

Dhruv Rastogi

Data Science Lead @ Reliance Industries

Mehul Chopra

IT Consultant & Trainer

Nipun Sadvilkar

Machine Learning Engineer @ Juxt Smart Mandate

Sudhanshu Saxena

Big Data - Hadoop Trainer

Puneet Jain

Data Scientist & Kaggle competitions expert

Jay Trivedi

Founder and Data Scientist @ InDemys Analytics

Pushkar Shah

Data Analytics & Visualisation

Jalaj Thanaki

Data Scientist @ Confidential

Soumendra Dhanee

Founder @ TwoBeards

Deepak Angrula

VP Engineering @ Acko Insurance

Arunabh Majumdar

Senior Data Scientist @ eClex


And more...

Manas Ranjan Kar

Associate Vice President @ Episource LLC

Bhumil Haria

Senior Software Engineer @ Paycraft

Prakash Vanapalli

Data Scientist @ Fractal Analytics

Soudip R Chowdhury

Principal Data Scientist @ Fractal Analytics

Sidharth Ramachandran

Senior Data Scientist, Supercrunch by GfK

Rajneesh Kumar

Senior Engineer -Deep Learning @ Fractal Analytics

The best part about teaching at GreyAtom is the commitment that the team has towards making sure their students succeed. And that not only makes the experience a lot more satisfying but also motivates you as a teacher to level up.

— Deepak Angrula, Instructor @ GreyAtom

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We are opening this for 1,000 students right now. 52 Weeks of Data Science is launching on 8th October 2018.
This program is limited and fill up extremely fast. Subscribe now for the program.


What the 52 Weeks Experience Looks Like

We focus on delivering the highest amount of impact as efficiently as possible. We know your time is valuable, so we've streamlined a program that cuts straight to the point with no "filler content."

When you join the 52 Weeks of Data Science Study Material program you get access to:

In Depth Coursework

Each week there is 2 to 3 hours of material. The coursework is comprised of curated material.

Dozens of Relevant Projects

To complement coursework, we weave in projects applying the concepts from the material.

Community Support

Each learner is unique. That's why we created a community to help you get unstuck.

Monthly Events

You'll connect with other top Data Science practitioners via monthly events, both online or in person (Mumbai only).

Application at Each Step

Each week is accompanied by application sections designed to operationalize the material for optimal learning.

GreyAtom has an innovative learning platform which has reduced the learning time massively. Practical hands-on learning experience is given to students by letting them work on real data sets from day one. This novel concept grooms the student and prepares him to make a mark in the growing industry of Data Science.

Rohit Ghosh, Instructor @ GreyAtom

52 Weeks of Data Science Study Plan delivers outcomes

By the end of the study material, you would have:

  • Pinpoint you to curated study material
  • Tell you “Why” you should be going through it
  • Estimate “How much” time will it take to go through the material
  • Help you understand your style of learning and customize your learning plan
  • Discover how do you learn best - Your Learning Profile
  • 9 projects that you should work on in the next 12 months
  • 8 career resources to fine tune your approach to market
  • 17 Book Recommendations by Industry Practitioners
  • 25 Motivational Tips (fortnightly) to keep you focused on your career transition
  • Access to dedicated Google Group mail list
  • 12 Real Career transition stories by real people
  • 30 Counseling Videos to navigate your Data Science Journey
  • 1 in-person FREE counseling with seasoned Data Science Career Coach
  • 1 Lucky Learner will win a Data Science related physical book each week
  • Early access to the DataGiri Meetup and Local Events
  • Beta access to next generation of GreyAtom Learning Platform
  • Personalized LeaderBoard to track your progress after 1st February 2019
  • Access to Resources and eBooks
  • Practical tips on choosing the specialization in your area of interest
  • Chance to be a Research Fellow in Residence with Leading Data Scientist

We were made to work on data sets from their industry partners. The instructors were professionals from the industry. I'll recommend GreyAtom to anyone for a great exposure to the industry and helpful mentors.

— Muhammad Mudassir Khan, Student @ GreyAtom


Our programs are for beginners. You should subscribe if you have...

  • Love Maths - Comfortable with Maths. At least don't hate maths. Openness to learn.
  • Love Programming - Open to learning programming. If you are an active programmer - Super.   
  • Strong Initiative - The study material includes both passive and active participation. Those that not only consume the content but engage with it and the community will get the most value.

Subscribe to get Study Plan via Email and SMS

We are opening this for 1,000 students right now. 52 Weeks of Data Science is launching on 8th October 2018.
This program is limited and fill up extremely fast. Subscribe now for the program.



GreyAtom’s 52 Week of Data Science Programs require 52 weeks of dedication. You don't need to take time off from work to participate — we designed each program to fit your current work and personal schedule.

However, we also believe that you get out what you put in. The value that you get from the program is directly correlated with the amount of time and participation you're able to dedicate to the experience.

To get the most out of the program, you should expect to spend a minimum of 5 hours per week on study material:

  • 1 - 2 hrs on course material.
  • 2 - 3 hrs applying frameworks and community participation.
  • 0.5 hrs participating in an online or in person event.

Our most successful participants typically spend about 8 hours per week total. They set aside additional time each week to:

  • Connect with other participants
  • Review what they learned with other aspirants and managers
  • Apply the concepts learnt to real life data sets.

Program Outline

We've designed the 52 Weeks of Data Science Series so you can set your own schedule to work through the material week after week. Here's what a typical week will look like:

  • Course material opens. Every week you will get access to a new module, which features curated content, dozens of relevant examples, and opportunities to apply concepts learnt.
  • Questions about the content? Get answers at any time. You have 24-7 access to the 52 Weeks community, where other aspirants and data science leaders can share perspectives and help you get unstuck
  • Monthly events for all participants. Whether you attend online (via Zoom) or offline, you will hear a live interview with a top Data Science leaders.

See below for a full study plan of the program.


Week 1: Kick off and Git Basics
Week 2: Python #01 - Getting Started
Week 3: Python #02 - Data Structures/ Insights
Week 4: Python #03 - Numpy
Week 5: Python #04 - Pandas
Week 6: Python #05 - Visualization
Week 7: Python #06 - Guided Project


Week 8: ML: Intro to ML & Descriptive Statistics
Week 9: ML: Inferential Statistics - Day 1
Week 10: ML: Inferential Statistics - Day 2
Week 11: ML: Linear Regression
Week 12: ML: Exploratory Data Analysis
Week 13: ML: Advanced Linear Regression  
Week 14: ML: Data Pre-processing & Feature Engineering
Week 15: ML: Feature Selection
Week 16: ML: End to End Dataset Walkthrough


Week 17: ML: Logistic Regression
Week 18: ML: Decision Tree
Week 19: ML: Ensembling / Random Forest
Week 20: ML: Gradient Boosting Machines
Week 21: ML: Challenges in Machine Learning
Week 22: ML: Clustering/ k-means
Week 23: ML: Hackathon #01
Week 24: ML: Hackathon #01


Week 25: ML: Time Series #01
Week 26: ML: Time Series #02
Week 27: ML: Natural Language Processing #01
Week 28: ML: Natural Language Processing #02
Week 29: ML: Intro to Recommender Systems
Week 30: ML: Hackathon #02
Week 31: ML: Hackathon #02


Week 32: BD #01 Hadoop, HDFS
Week 33: BD #02 Hive
Week 34: BD #03 Spark #01
Week 35: BD #04 Spark #02
Week 36: BD #05 Spark #03
Week 37: BD Spark Project


Week 38: ML in Production #01
Week 39: ML in Production #02
Week 40: ML in Production #03


Week 41: DL: Introduction to ANN
Week 42: DL: Practical Aspects of ANN
Week 43: DL: Image Processing using CNN
Week 44: DL: Text Processing with RNN


Week 45: Capstone
Week 46: Capstone
Week 47: Capstone
Week 48: Capstone
Week 49: Capstone
Week 50: Capstone
Week 51: Capstone
Week 52: Capstone

Subscribe to get Study Plan via Email and SMS

We are opening this for 1,000 students right now. 52 Weeks of Data Science is launching on 8th October 2018.
This program is limited and fill up extremely fast. Subscribe now for the program.


Student Reviews

Here are just a few reviews of the program from GreyAtom Alumni.

GreyAtom is a one-stop solution to a data science career. From hands-on learning to hackathons, they cover it all.


Nikhil Akki

Consultant at Deloitte Digital

Love their program. Awesome learning platform and very helpful interview prep. This kind of stuff should be taught in the universities.


Nitika Goel

Data Scientist at FlexiLoans

Concepts have been explained nicely. A must for students who are keen in learning Data Science and taking it as a career option.


Shival Patel

Senior Software Engineer at Lyra Network

The curriculum is very well thought of and has a good flow . Some of the lecturers were truly amazing. I really liked the full stack data science engineering program and will recommend it to anyone who wants to start their career in data science


Arun Kutty

FDigital Architect at Deloitte Digital

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this program be worth it?
Good question — we know the 52 Weeks of Data Science is a serious study plan. So if you're looking for the becoming data scientist in quick time, then the 52 Weeks Series won't be worth it.

However, if you're looking for study plan that you can apply directly, step-by-step seasoned guidance, relevant projects, suggested by data science leaders who spent years in the trenches AND monthly events where you can connect with actual data science practitioners... then yes, the 52 Weeks Series is worth the commitment.

I'm not located in the Mumbai Area, can I attend the program?
Yes. This is email only content. All participants enjoy access to 100% of our curated content, our live online discussions, the private forums, and community.

How many applicants get invited?
1,000 participants for the October 2018 intake.

How advanced is the material?
This program is fit for beginners.

How much time should I expect to spend on the program?
Please see more details in the Time Commitment section above. 52 Weeks of Data Science Study Plan represent decades of collective expertise in Data Science. To get the most out of this experience, you should expect to spend at minimum 3 - 5 hours per week on study material.

While the 52 Weeks series is designed to fit with your current work and personal schedule, we also believe that you get out what you put in. The value you get from the study plan is directly correlated with the amount of recurring time and participation you're able to dedicate to the experience.

How much does the program cost? Do you have discounts or scholarships?
Currently, it is FREE for the first 1000 applicants.

How actionable will the content be?
The content will provide actionable and analytical concepts for understanding Data Science and forming a comprehensive study plan. But there will be minimal “how to” content. Those can be found on many other great sites free of charge.

Will I get access to the material after the program is over?
Yes, the emailers will be published as blogs on the GreyAtom website.


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