Alumni Spotlight: Jasraj Date

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GreyAtom alumni have gone out into the world and done incredible things. We are proud to have been their learning partners, and been able to facilitate their growth in the field of Data Science.

In this series, we will be interviewing one rockstar, asking how they are faring, how they go there, and where they plan to go next. Stay tuned!

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Jasraj Date - AI Engineer, Emotix

What are you currently doing in the data science industry?

I joined Emotix as an intern, and I started by working on recommendations systems for an educational robot called Miko. Now, I handle three major projects, namely recommendation systems, sentiment analysis and database creation, in addition to creating math content for Miko.

Tell us about an interesting project you worked on recently.

A very interesting project which I am working on is Sentiment Analysis. From getting the data to creating the required LSTM model from scratch, I got the opportunity to create the project by myself, which turned out to be an amazing learning opportunity. After building the model, now I am working on further improving the accuracy of the model.

How are you solving business problems using data science?

I use machine learning algorithms to tackle the sentiment analysis problems.

Latest technological advancement that fascinates you?

Release of stable Tensorflow 2.0.

What are you doing to further upskill yourself in your current industry/field of work?

Keep reading. Taking the CS50 course by Harvard and studying machine learning and deep learning in depth.

What's your advice for new learners?

Be relentless when working towards your goals!

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