Alumni Spotlight: Ritesh Kankonkar

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GreyAtom alumni have gone out into the world and done incredible things. We are proud to have been their learning partners, and been able to facilitate their growth in the field of Data Science.

In this new series, we will be interviewing one rockstar, asking how they are faring, how they go there, and where they plan to go next. Stay tuned!

Ritesh Kankonkar - Assistant Manager, Data Analytics,

What are you currently doing in the data science industry?

I have recently joined as an assistant manager in data analytics to manage and implement a couple different solutions for their products' services. My work includes using different data sources to find root causes of business problems, and finding the correlation between features which drives different aspects of the business, among other things.

Tell us about an interesting project you worked on recently.

Recently I worked on an image classification problem for my previous organization to build a PoC. I used CNN for this purpose and learned everything from scratch. The foundation I got at GreyAtom was certainly helpful.

Which latest technological advancement that fascinates you?

Quantum computing and its application in ML.

What are you doing to further upskill yourself in your current industry and field of work?

Currently, I read a lot of material online. I am planning to wait a year or two to settle down at work, before selecting my next target. Though a little unrealistic, I fantasize about quantum computing in this case.

What's your advice for new learners?

Discipline and time commitment for reading and practicing.

Are you an illustrious alumni of GreyAtom, or know one that should be featured? Write to us, and we'll get in touch.

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