Authors - GreyAtom

Karuna Shilotri

Karuna is the Head of Admissions at GreyAtom. A product and marketing expert, Karuna is keen about customer experience, engagement and analytics. She’s also a movie buff, and a humanitarian at heart.

Dileep KVS

K.V.S. Dileep heads Academics at GreyAtom. A data scientist devoted to changing the learning landscape, Dileep holds a PhD in NLP and memory-based reasoning in AI from IIT Madras.

Juhi Sabharwal

Juhi Sabharwal heads Partnerships & Outcomes at GreyAtom. Her experience is spread across consulting, client engagement & management. She strongly feels that life is all about learning & unlearning.

Ganesh Badhe

Ganesh Badhe is a UI/UX Designer at GreyAtom. He is working across multiple disciplines to conceptualize, prototype, and integrate UI that makes users feel at home.

Chinmay Chopade

Chinmay Chopade is the Data Science Program Manager at GreyAtom. He possesses a unique blend of EdTech, entrepreneurial, teaching, and management experience.

Sangam Angre

Sangam Angre is Lead Software Engineer at GreyAtom. A hardcore product specialist, Sangam comes with extensive experience in Product Engineering and R&D.

Karishma Sundaram

Karishma heads Content Strategy at GreyAtom. She specialises in making tech accessible through content and building bridges between engineers and everybody else.

Biswajeet Dasmajumdar

Biswajeet is a senior manager at HDFC, and is committed to innovating using the latest technology and techniques. A Data Science evangelist, with prior experience at C-DAC, he writes about ML and AI.

Kritika Agarwal

Kritika is a Student Success Specialist at GreyAtom. She enjoys networking and learning new things. Her inquisitive side makes her ever-ready to experiment and explore!

Sridevi Madbhavi

Sridevi is a data scientist with 5 years' experience in statistics, machine learning and consulting.

Rex David

Rex is the Senior Content Writer at GreyAtom. He is a passionate Bass guitarist and a Graphic Designer. He writes about Data Science, ML, AI, Guitars and Agritech.

Sonal Chandra

Sonal is a Data Science Executive at Nielsen. She has skilled in Feature Selection, Linear Regression, EDA, Data Science, and Data Warehousing.

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