GreyAtom wins 2018 ‘SheSparks’ Award For Best Edtech Startup

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GreyAtom earned another feather in its cap. This time it was for the best Edtech startup in 2018.

We have been consistently working over the years on improving our flagship Immersive Data Science Program, with updates to our delivery platform and our learning material. Small wonder then that this effort paid off.

The event – “SheSparks” – was held on March 8 – International Women’s Day, commemorating outstanding women entrepreneurs in India.

Behind this gala event was, a business storyteller that showcases some of the most successful and innovative businesses and startups in India. Their flagship event, “TechSparks,” has become India’s most loved and cherished tech summit, demonstrating phenomenal growth over the past eight years.

This year YourStory decided to run their first-ever tech summit dedicated to women entrepreneurs. The event was cleverly christened “SheSparks” (read more here).

GreyAtom entered the race in the Edtech category with its co-founder Shweta Doshi.

Shweta’s journey is an inspiring lesson not just for women, but also for men, who want to beat the odds and launch their own venture. While we urge you to read her complete story here, we have put together a helpful picture timeline, depicting her journey as an entrepreneur.

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