How to choose the right data science program and institute?

The five-point litmus test to picking the right data science program and institute.   The education space is crammed with universities and upskilling institutes offering a plethora of data science programs that promise accredited certification and a higher pay upon completion.  Navigating this puzzling landscape can be exhausting and confusing. This blog, being a saviour, will guide […]

How To Become a Data Scientist Without Knowledge of Statistics

The data science boom has attracted a lot of likely and unlikely aspirants. As a data science upskiller, GreyAtom receives a lot of inquiries for becoming a data scientist. A large chunk of these inquiries is made by folks with relatively scant background in engineering/technical sciences. The bottom line question is the same: How to switch […]

Blogging: A Means To Enhance Your Digital Footprint

In a digitalized world, blogging is a sure-fire way to building a creative portfolio, telling stories about yourself and your business, and improving web traffic. Blogging can help professionals and entrepreneurs showcase skills and become self-starters – an in-demand quality on the job market. A blog is an online journal or informational website where an individual can showcase his/her […]


Demystified – The Seven Types of Data Scientists and What They Do

Data Scientist can become an ambiguous professional title, given the overlap and cross-functional relationships a data scientist bears with other related domains. We will try to deconstruct this ‘mystical’ domain and give you a lowdown on the different types (sub-domains) of data scientists. Following is a family tree of data scientists. 1. Data Scientist with […]


Internship: Pathway to hacking a career in Data Science

I remember being told to score high grades and stay ahead of the curve to excel in the competitive world. High grades and good conduct was also a sure fire way to land a great job. But what I wasn’t told is that employers value hands-on experience more than qualifications. That’s where an internship comes […]

data science and transportation

Data science – a helping hand to Mumbai’s transportation network

Could transportation management in metros like Mumbai benefit from data science? Imagine you are driving to your vacation home listening to a data science podcast. The sun is gleaming across the hood, air is brushing through your hair, and you are being intellectually stimulated. Suddenly you have to hit the brakes. There’s a long trail of cars ahead you. The rays of hope, […]

15 rules to a career in data science

15 Rules to Becoming a Data Scientist

Bootstrap your journey into data science in 4 months. Who are Data Scientists? They are big data wranglers. Data scientists take an enormous mass of unstructured data and use their formidable skills to clean and organize it. Then they apply all their industry knowledge and contextual understanding to uncover the hidden solutions to business challenges. Organizations […]

7 Mistakes to avoid in Data Science

7 Mistakes to avoid when starting your career in data science

I have interacted with a lot of people wanting to pursue data science. One thing which I observed was most of them were way too concerned/afraid of going on the wrong path or facing failures. What I feel is people are afraid of committing mistakes. I constantly believe that mistakes help an individual to grow. […]

Top most Data Science Recruiters

Top Data Science Recruiters in India

It’s no secret that data science and analytics are the hot-handed fields to get into right now. Amid to layoffs in the IT industry, the previous year has witnessed an increase in the number of analytics and data science jobs. McKinsey evaluates that India will be in need of approx 2 lakh data scientists in […]

How to Become a Data Scientist. Woman with a Barbell

How to Become and Stay a Data Scientist

A disclaimer before we start, Data Scientist is currently being touted as the lone savior of the world, “the sexiest job” of the 21st century.And because it is so “sexy” anyone remotely doing anything with data calls himself a Data Scientist. Educational institutions teaching stand-alone Python or R to students claim to produce data scientists.I […]