Predictive Analytics and Its Applications in Business

Predictive analytics, also known as advanced analytics, is often related to business intelligence. But are the two really related? And if so, what benefits do companies realize by combining their business intelligence initiatives with predictive analytics? Predictive analytics slightly differs from other forms of big data analytics and is the only form that gives futuristic […]


Demystified – The Seven Types of Data Scientists and What They Do

Data Scientist can become an ambiguous professional title, given the overlap and cross-functional relationships a data scientist bears with other related domains. We will try to deconstruct this ‘mystical’ domain and give you a lowdown on the different types (sub-domains) of data scientists. Following is a family tree of data scientists. 1. Data Scientist with […]

Data science and ethics and privacy

Should data scientists worry about ethics and privacy?

What data scientists can learn about ethics and privacy from the example of OkCupid. Ever looked for a product online and noticed the same or related product suggestions pop up on Google and Facebook? Ever wondered how the keyboard suggests exact words or emoticons? The key to such a highly intuitive behavior on part of a machine […]

Participants of GreyAtom's First Hackathon

GreyAtom’s First Hackathon!

Since the dawn of time and up until 2005, humans generated roughly 130 exabytes of data. By 2015, we generated 7,900 exabytes of data. This figure is estimated to be around 40,000 Exabytes by 2020! It doesn’t take someone special to conclude that, with the inevitable growth of computational power, data generated by humans is […]

A bulb within the clouds. Problems in Indian Engineering

Why the Indian Engineering Education needs a Complete Overhaul?

A wise man once said, “The real process of education should be the process to think through the applications of real problems.” This wise man was none other than John Dewey, a 20th-century American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer who introduced the idea of practicing democracy in education.   In case you’ve missed Mr. Dewey’s […]

Executive Data Science Workshop held by GreyAtom School of Data Science.

Why did GreyAtom create an Executive Data Science Workshop?

A few weeks ago a team of four from GreyAtom, including two founders and a mentor and instructor traveled to London to conduct an executive data science workshop for the Chief Data Officer of a top UK bank and his entire leadership team. This workshop was conducted in parallel with a four-week practitioner level Data Science […]

Will AI take over jobs. Myths Debunked. Robot handling humans

Will AI take over Jobs? Myths Debunked

Probably, many people from various technical fields are debating that A.I. is disruptive and the rate of losing jobs is much faster than the rate of outplacement. This is debated because technological developments inevitably uproot some portion of the workforce. To some extent, this might be true. Let’s not forget that humans have evolved from […]

DataGiri with DJ Patil sponsored by GreyAtom School of Data Science

DataGiri with DJ Patil - Never learn Data Science alone!

A year ago, we started DataGiri as this one crazy experiment with an objective of bringing Real Problem-solving in data science to Meetups. Since then we’ve had 9 events, 4000+ RSVPs, 25 speakers addressing at DataGiri talking about use cases right from Survival Analysis to Recommender systems, CNNs to deep learning. At our June Meetup […]