Frontend Development – Is It A Good Career Choice?

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What is frontend development?

Frontend development or client-side development plays an important role in making the website attractive. It is the process of implementing website design and user interaction through coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, etc.

Frontend development is indispensable as first impressions matter! A well-designed, responsive and an eye-catching landing page for a website or a mobile application will be better received by customers than non-responsive or cluttered ones.

Why frontend development is crucial for business

What do you do when you want information about a person or a company? Check them out on the Internet. Every business whether big or small requires a website. The reasons are many -

Business promotion

A website is a useful tool to increase visibility for the business. The business can share information about its products and services on the website.  A business with a functional and attractive website has a higher chance to be successful as compared to those with an incomprehensible website.

Attract customers and build trust among clients

A well-planned and clean website that has unique web elements will lead to more visitors, more customers, and increased profits. If the initial visuals do not appeal to the online visitor, he loses attention and trust in the business. He switches to competitors. If a website does not load properly or links and buttons do not function as expected or if the mobile application interface is clunky, the customer will lose interest. If customers are able to conduct transactions smoothly, they will be convinced to carry out more transactions with the business; else they will look for alternatives.

The frontend development team has to ensure that the layout and functionality appeal to the customer.  Good frontend design and development will drive more traffic to the website. It will build trust and confidence among customers

Brand association

There are millions of websites and apps. A website is essential for a business to establish a brand identity. The logo, theme and colour palette of the website are key differentiators. Moreover the website should be in sync with the organization’s offline identity. Frontend development is important to showcase the business in the target ecosystem. Good frontend development will help customers easily associate a business’s website with their products and services in the real world.

Why think of a career in frontend development

Huge demand for frontend developers

As we saw earlier, websites and applications are in great demand and will continue to be in demand as Internet usage is just growing by leaps and bounds. Naturally, there will be a demand for competent frontend developers. Frontend development involves many things like user interface design, user experience design, prototyping, creating tools for interaction, managing different elements on the website. So there are varied functions which means higher demand for people who can work on these aspects.  It is a promising and growing career choice.

High earning potential

There are prospects to earn well.

Here are some comparison figures that will aid your decision making:

  • As per Indeed, the average salary for a frontend developer in India is ₹ 5,61,841 per year for the time period - 2016-2019
  • As per Indeed, the average salary for a test analyst in India is ₹ 5,29,194 for the time period - 2016-2019.
  • The average pay for a call centre representative is ₹ 14,560 per month which amounts to ₹ 1,74,720 per year.

^(figures from

Money is important to achieve financial goals and life goals. Therefore it is important to embark on a career that gives you the potential to earn well.

Career paths

There are multiple well-defined career paths that frontend developers can look at. You start as a software engineer or UI/UX developer in certain technologies. You can learn multiple frontend languages. Your skills will be in demand in IT companies as different technologies will be used across various projects.

You can learn back end technologies and DevOps tools to become a full stack developer and to grow to bigger roles in the organization. You can lean towards DevOps too. Based on skills and interests, you can grow towards being a product designer, project manager, scrum master  and rise to program management roles or technology lead roles. There will be no stopping if you want to become the Chief Technology Officer too.

If you are a good designer and have an entrepreneurial streak in you, you can set up a design firm or an IT consulting firm.

As you can see, there is no limit to what you can achieve provided you work towards building your career.

Web development is an ever-changing field. New languages and frameworks emerge constantly. There are varied requirements and different ways of building things. It is great for someone who likes to learn new technologies, explore different ways of building websites and resolve challenges.

How do I become a frontend developer

Let us look at how to get set on a career path of a competent frontend developer-

Learn HTML and CSS and Javascript

These are the primary coding languages for frontend development. There are many online and offline courses available. Once you learn, you should enhance your skills by developing some web pages on your own.

Gain mastery of JavaScript

You can create websites using HTML and CSS. But these websites will be static. With Javascript, you can make your website dynamic and alive. It is a popular programming language that allows developers to add functionality and features for user interaction. Javascript can be used to create animations, dynamic scrolling, interactive forms, better images, dynamic timelines etc. so that you can provide a great user experience.

Become proficient in web development tools such as Bootstrap and Git

Bootstrap is a popular frontend framework. You can add various UI elements using Bootstrap to your software application.

In a large project, there will be multiple developers working on various files on their machines. Git is a version control system that will allow all files to merge in one repository. It is widely used for distributed development and code collaboration. You can revert to earlier versions of your work or even try out something new without messing up what already works.

Acquire JS frameworks skills

Once you are proficient in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, get well-versed with JS Frameworks such as React JS and Angular JS. React JS helps create dynamic UI elements and makes the website highly responsive. Angular JS is a frontend web framework used to build rich Internet applications.

You can also learn React Native which is a mobile app development framework for iOS and Android.

Work on open source projects

There are many open source projects that you can contribute to. You will benefit in multiple ways such as -

  • Learn better coding practices
  • Build a brand for yourself
  • Be part of an active, creative and supportive community
  • Expand your network of contacts in the industry

Frontend web development is a good career choice as it provides you with challenges. It is not enough to learn just a couple of tools. Changes in technology will push you to be creative. You will be motivated to increase your repertoire of software skills and soft skills such as communication and teamwork. It is a good profession as it is in demand and is exciting with the constant flow of new customer requirements and emerging tools and frameworks.


There is a huge demand for frontend developers as companies want to promote their business online and acquire customers through their websites or Internet applications. Frontend development is the process of adding visual and interactive elements so that users have a seamless experience. To become a frontend developer, you need to learn various programming languages, tools and frameworks such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, ReactJS, Git etc. Frontend development is an exciting career choice in terms of work, technology and pay scale.

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