Must-reads to Learn Data Science: October 2019

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Our must-reads series is a curated list of resources for the data science enthusiast and learner.

So, come October, let's talk business! This time around, for the must-reads, I would like to recommend resources that would help bridge the gap between business and data science.


Data Science for Business: What You Need to Know About Data Mining and Data-Analytic Thinking

If someone asks me to recommend a data science book for a management professional or a business analyst, this is the one. This book has a very different approach to understanding data from the book I recommended last month, Introduction to Statistical Learning.

Data Science for Business consciously keeps away from being too algorithm-centered, like most books on the subject, and focuses more on understanding fundamental concepts needed to extract insights from data. You could treat this book as Data Science 101 for business people looking to understand data science or looking to work with data scientists. This is an excellent resource that can help envision business goals in terms of data science.

Do give this book a go, if you are a data professional looking to explore the business side of data, or a business person curious to see how data science can benefit you.


Communicating data science: A guide to presenting your work

This article is aimed at data science professionals, to help them present their data science work and findings to their business counterparts or stakeholders in a readily palatable form. The article addresses the pertinent communication gap between data science professionals and their contractors. A slightly dated article, but which still holds as relevant, offering various tips and guidelines which are readily employable. And if the article piques your interest, check out the rest of the series on kaggle blog.

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