How to choose the right data science program and institute?

The five-point litmus test to picking the right data science program and institute.   The education space is crammed with universities and upskilling institutes offering a plethora of data science programs that promise accredited certification and a higher pay upon completion.  Navigating this puzzling landscape can be exhausting and confusing. This blog, being a saviour, will guide […]

Demystified – The Seven Types of Data Scientists and What They Do

Data Scientist can become an ambiguous professional title, given the overlap and cross-functional relationships a data scientist bears with other related domains. We will try to deconstruct this ‘mystical’ domain and give you a lowdown on the different types (sub-domains) of data scientists. Following is a family tree of data scientists. 1. Data Scientist with […]

Data science – a helping hand to Mumbai’s transportation network

Could transportation management in metros like Mumbai benefit from data science? Imagine you are driving to your vacation home listening to a data science podcast. The sun is gleaming across the hood, air is brushing through your hair, and you are being intellectually stimulated. Suddenly you have to hit the brakes. There’s a long trail of cars ahead you. The rays of hope, […]

Should data scientists worry about ethics and privacy?

What data scientists can learn about ethics and privacy from the example of OkCupid. Ever looked for a product online and noticed the same or related product suggestions pop up on Google and Facebook? Ever wondered how the keyboard suggests exact words or emoticons? The key to such a highly intuitive behavior on part of a machine […]