Top Data Science Recruiters in India

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It’s no secret that data science and analytics are the hot-handed fields to get into right now. Amid to layoffs in the IT industry, the previous year has witnessed an increase in the number of analytics and data science jobs. McKinsey evaluates that India will be in need of approx 2 lakh data scientists in coming few years. Think about the number of data scientists the world would need?

Being in the field of technology for more than a decade, I have identified that lately, companies are extensively hiring data scientists because of the significant results achieved by data-driven decision making. Wipro already has 8,000 people in analytics operation. Perhaps, Wipro is not the only one. There are numerous more companies procuring data scientists in large numbers. I have come across some top ten data science recruiters in India which can help you to land a high paying job.

1. Fractal Analytics

If we talk about analytics service providers, then Fractal Analytics grabs the number one spot in India. Fractal has a worldwide footprint of serving Fortune 500 companies across industries of technology, retail, insurance are just to name a few. If you are passionate about delivering custom-built analytics solutions to big conglomerates across industries then I am sure you will pretty much love working with Fractal. Currently, the company is extensively hiring data scientists for all its offices in India.

2. Deloitte

Since 1845, Deloitte is one of the Big Four professional services network providing taxation, audit, advisory and legal services across the globe. Analytics projects at Deloitte are multi-disciplinary in nature and hence as a data scientist, your core accountability is the elucidation of huge and complex data that can be comprehended easily by clients. If something of this sort interests you then working at Deloitte would be fun. And not to forget, Deloitte is known as an “employee company”, the perks they offer to employees can surely double the fun.

3. Amazon

Anything from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ with a smile, needless to say, it is one of the greatest online business organizations around the globe. Amazon clearly understands the power of data as it entrusts completely on data scientists for its core operations from marketing optimization, logistics and supply chain management to sales prediction even HR analytics. That is why Amazon is the most favorite recruiter for data scientists. The cherry on the cake is, it is actively looking for skilled data scientists for its multiple offices in India.

4. Flipkart

Flipkart is one of the closest competitors for Amazon in India, how can Flipkart lag behind even for hiring data scientists. It’s growing multi-folds and with the increasing amount of data, they are extensively hiring data scientists. As a data scientist, you will mainly work on important data insights and refining Net Promoter Score. Currently, they are hiring data scientists in Analytics department.

5. LinkedIn

Many people are not aware of the fact that the word “Data Science” was coined at LinkedIn itself by Dr. DJ Patiland Jeff Hammerbacher in 2008. It is a professional networking social media platform and one of the most desired company for data scientists. At LinkedIn, you will be performing core operation of data science which is extracting hidden insights from huge data sets and form data-driven strategies for business growth.

6. IBM

Since 1911, IBM is popularly known for serving clients worldwide delivering effective technology solutions as well as consulting. If you are interested in identifying, interweaving and managing huge volumes of data to extract operational insights and coming up with effective solutions, then IBM is waiting for you!

7. Citrix

A US-based company delivering cloud computing, SaaS and networking technology services believes in having a competitive advantage by integrating data science in every function of the process. It firmly believes in using data for predicting results as well as for decision making. If this attracts you start heading to Citrix as they are hiring for analytics and research team.

8. MuSigma

Based out of US and having their divisions all over the world, MuSigma is the biggest solution provider of analytics and decision science. MuSigma follows step by step process of data science from refining data to analyzing to simplifying and at the end evaluating. A process-oriented individual should definitely go to MuSigma.

9. Myntra

One of the most popular fashion e-commerce company Myntra is heavily relying on data science and data analytics for its growth. You will be responsible for improving decision making and hence the company’s performance. If you like segregation, classification and maintaining data then you are at the right place!

10. Accenture

A fortune global 500 company, Accenture has been effectively utilizing its own data to grow for which they rely on data scientists. Integrated data is used for determining strategies and effectively implementing them. Isn’t this something interesting? Currently, they are looking for data scientists in data management, business process specialization etc.

This list has some great companies to work for. With a huge gap between the demand and supply of data scientists, I am pretty much sure there is a huge scope of data science in India. If you are looking for a job change and want to work in a top MNC or want to kickstart your career then these companies can help you in getting your dream job.

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