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To participate in DataFest, all you need to do is register with your email address.

Learn on GLabs

GreyAtom’s learning environment has free foundational courses for Data Science. Learn Python and start coding.

Compete in a hackathon

Put your Python skills to the test in a hackathon, and solve real industry problems using authentic datasets.

Win exciting prizes

Hackathon winners can win spots in Data Science programs worth Rs. 1.5 lacs, and a gold medal from Mumbai University.

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Access to DataGiri

DataGiri is the fastest growing Data Science community. You will be a part of your local chapter and connected to every Data Science enthusiast around the globe.

Monthly Events

Webinars, Seminars, Workshops are great ways to share your experience and learn from others. You’ll attend such monthly events both online and offline.

In Depth Study Materials

These study materials will provide you content developed by leaders at GreyAtom, DataGiri and more. You should consume these within 3-4 hours. This will help you develop a stronger foundation.

FREE Access to GLabs

Get access to GreyAtom's learning platform - GLabs. 50+ Hours of Practice Content + 40 Hours of Live Lectures, Access to Public Hackathons + other valuable resources.

Real Data Set Projects

You’ll be solving projects on real data sets by applying the concepts learned from the study material. You will learn to play freely with data and work on Machine Learning models.

What will the training cover?

Introduction to Data Science

Enter the world of Data Science - learn what it means, what it can do, and what it can't do along with an overview of the data science pipeline

Getting Started with Python

Get started with Python - the preferred language for data science with an exploration into programming and data structures in Python.

Handling Program Flow in Python

Explore deeper into Python to handle the complete program flow - file I/O, control structures and errors which are important for effective programming.

Data Wrangling with Pandas

Deep dive into the powerful pandas library for data wrangling and apply it on the Pokemon dataset

Manipulating Data with NumPy

Handle matrices with extreme ease using the powerful NumPy library and solve some interesting math problems.

Data Wrangling with Pandas

Deep dive into the powerful pandas library for data wrangling and apply it on the Pokemon dataset

Visualize Data using Matplotlib

Learn the art of data visualization to effectively inspect and communicate results with the help of matplotlib library along with pandas.

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Student Testimonials

"Python for Data Science program by GreyAtom is the right way to jump-start your career. I would highly recommend this program to newbies. GLabs is just awesome."
"I love their tutorials. GreyAtom's in-browser programming environment are great for learning syntax for python. I am not a CS engineer, but I still able to onboard it really fast."
"The best thing is their concept to teach us. First they explain the concepts through the video and examples and then they provide us some small exercises to complete."

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Got Questions? We are all ears.

There no charges for registering or participating for the DataFest. This initiative is completely FREE for everyone to promote learning.

DataFest 2019 is a joint initiative by GreyAtom and Mumbai University to promote Python skills in the student community.

The registrations for GreyAtom's DataFest will be taken on rolling basis.

GreyAtom's DataFest is divided into two phases.
Phase 1 - In phase 1, you will registering and learning Python on GLabs.
Phase 2 - In the second phase, you will participate in the hackathon and stand a chance to win 1.5 Lacs and a gold medal
The content will provide actionable and analytical concepts for understanding Data Science and forming a comprehensive study plan. But there will be minimal “how to” content. Those can be found on many other great sites free of charge.
Nishant Sharma at Greyatom

Nishant Sharma

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