Data Science Bootcamp

to skill up your talent-force

Our Mission

Create "Datapreneurs" in the organisation

We are enabling organizations to transform their core teams to become Data Science practitioners. We not only want to skill-up your employees, but also scale-up your operations significantly.

Learn from the Industry Experts

Building a strong foundation in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence


Rohit Ghosh

AI Researcher, Founding Member

B.Tech- Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning

Jay Trivedi

Founder and Data Scientist

InDemys Analytics

B.Tech- Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee,

Machine Learning

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Our USPs

ROI Driven Learning

We enable employees to work on customized real use cases while learning new concepts. For management, there is a detailed analytics to identify how many learners are getting ready for new edge technology & its impact of this transformation.

Active Learning integration with Jupyter Notebook allows you to code as you learn.

Skill & Competency Mapping

Commit.Live's embedded analytics reflects the most current information about the learner's performance and his assignment scores. An intelligent Skill and Competency map for every individual or entire team. Clear indication of “Who is ready and who is not”.

Contextual Learning

Commit.Live combines immersive learning with real data sets to deliver optimum learning outcomes. You will learn concepts by doing actual work on industry data sets, solve assignments, quizzes under each learning module and participate in hackathons.

Our Product

Commit.Live - A comprehensive platform for practical learning

Commit.Live Features

Track Team Progress

You can track your employees' learning progress in real-time.

Build Practitioners via 'Practice'

Every learner has to go through a series of guided and unguided assignments, which assesses his abilities and skills.

Qualitative Feedback to make a Better You

This analytical tool will reduce all the human efforts and give results based on learner's past performances and his leaderboard scores.

Solve Problems that Matter

If you are a subject matter expert, this platform will only assess you based on those skills of the learner.

Our Offerings

Executive Workshop

In this program, we aim to build an "AI First" thought process in the company leadership. Helping senior executives and managers to take decisions more precisely.


  • Elevate decision makers to understand possibilities and limitations of Data Science
  • Develop a deep understanding of where Data Science & Machine Learning algorithms can be applied
  • Identify real-world Big Data use cases and problems and understand how parallel computing are solving these challenges
  • Gain insights in building large Data Science teams and executing programs

Practitioner Data Science Bootcamp

We want to upskill the mid-level developers and statisticians and let them work on real use cases in the organisation. Through this program, we want to build a pool of subject matter experts.


  • Use Python for Data Science
  • Summarize data for analysis
  • Build, implement, and evaluate data science problems using appropriate machine learning models and algorithms
  • Use appropriate data visualization to communicate findings

Self-paced Learning

This program is an opportunity for everyone to learn to work on real use cases with the help of Commit.Live - our in-house product which can scale up business operations significantly.


  • Promote learning through Commit.Live
  • Ability to add own use cases & allow learners to attempt while learning
  • Skill-based and competency-based assessment
  • 24*7 Access to Commit.Live learning platform

“GreyAtom helped our organization set up a COE (Centre of Excellence) which enabled us to track ROIs against our investment in up-skilling our workforce. Their approach of giving our employees a platform to work on real use cases while learning new concepts has really helped our decision making. The brilliant thing they offered us was Commit.Live that helped the management access detailed analytics for identifying how many learners are getting tranformed to adopt the new age technology & what's the impact of this transformation. ”

—Largest Global Investment Bank

Let GreyAtom help up-skill your talent-force

We are enabling organizations to transform their core teams to become Data Science practitioners.

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