Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp

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14 weeks (60 Sessions)    |   Mon-Fri • 9.30am - 5.30pm


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Mentor-Led Sessions

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Program Overview

Over the course of this boot camp, you will start from the basics of web development and gradually master various skills required to be a successful full stack web developer.

You will learn about:
  • Basics of Web Development
  • Front End Web Development
  • Back End Web Development
  • Deployment of Web Apps

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Program Outcomes

At the end of this boot camp, you will be able to create your own portfolio with 2 full stack web apps and various side projects

Learning Benefits

  • Platform led learning
  • Industry practitioners as your mentors
  • Pair programming sessions
  • A product-based approach while learning
"GreyAtom's full-stack web development program covers all bases. The projects are challenging and quizzes require you to have application mindset. The best part is the capstone project that tests all key areas."

Student at Greyatom



Foundations of Front end web development

Build the foundational skills that every web developer needs by building static webpages with HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

During your first month, you'll master the basics of frontend web development. You'll learn how to create accessible, SEO-friendly semantic HTML, how to create responsive modern designs using CSS, along with programming fundamentals in JavaScript and basic interactivity with the popular JavaScript library jQuery. Learn the command line, git, and GitHub. Throughout this sprint on front end web development phase, you'll design and build an original web app, which will go through a formal code review. You'll present this app during a mock interview with one of our evaluators before moving onto the next phase of the program.

Sprint 1: Week 1 - Week 2
  • HTML
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript Foundations
Sprint 2: Week 3 - Week 4
  • Advanced Javascript
  • DOM Events and AJAX
  • Version Control System using Git & GitHub
  • Project


Frontend Development

Create beautiful data-driven, interactive client-side web applications

Learn how to request and display data from third-party APIs, like YouTube and SoundCloud, in your web apps using AJAX. Establish the workflows you'll use as a professional web developer. Design, wireframe, and implement an MVP (minimum viable product) based on user stories. Iterate your project to incorporate user feedback, and develop a finished product with styling and documentation. You'll use this process to build your first professional portfolio piece - a client-side web app that integrates with one or more third-party APIs.

Sprint 3: Week 5 - Week 6
  • End to End Dev Process (Requirements -> Contract -> Back end and Front End)
  • Product Design, UX/UI principles
  • Foundations of ReactJS
Sprint 4 - Week 7 - Week 8
  • ReactJS
  • Project


Backend Development

JavaScript isn't just for the frontend. Create well-designed, comprehensively tested server-side JavaScript applications using Node and Express.

Round out your frontend skills with a solid foundation in server-side programming to become a full stack engineer. Build modern RESTful APIs with Mongo. You'll also learn modern JWT-based auth flows and how to test your apps with the Mocha and Chai frameworks on TravisCI, and deploy to Heroku. Complete this phase by designing, building, and presenting an original full stack app.

Sprint 5: Week 9, Week 10 and Week 11
  • Introduction to Databases
  • Node.JS
  • Express JS
  • Building RESTful API’s JSON (Postman)



Deploy to Heroku. Complete this phase by designing, building, and presenting an original full stack app.Design, build, test, and deploy complex single page apps to Heroku

Sprint 6 : Week 12

  • Understanding Hosting and Deployment
  • Deploying static websites
  • Deploying server-based applications
  • Testing and Maintenance


Sprint 7: Week 13 - Week 14
Final Project
  • Build your 2nd end to end Full stack app
  • Build your career profile

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GreyAtom provides Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp (On-Campus) based on classroom module where you can accelerate your Career in Web Development and build expertise on Frontend and Backend Development etc.

Mentors and Instructors

Balaraman Ravindran

Balaraman Ravindran

Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Rohit Ghosh

Rohit Ghosh

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Bhumil Haria

Bhumil Haria

Senior Software Engineer at Paycraft
jay Trivedi

Jay Trivedi

IIM Ahmedabad | IIT Roorkee
Deepak Angrula

Deepak Angrula

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Soumendra Dhanee

Soumendra Dhanee

Institute of Mathematics and Applications
"GreyAtom has set new standards with their web development program. It has the most up-to-date best practices and covers every area in depth."

Student at Greyatom

Industry Partners


Career Services

Our career services work closely with you throughout the program. We help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, determine career interests, and spot employment opportunities. We empower our students to become self-sufficient in navigating the everchanging employment landscape.

Digital Profile Building

At graduation, you will have an extensive and rich GitHub portfolio, several storytelling blogs on Medium, and a résumé that does most of the speaking.

Interview Prep

We help our students develop confidence and become comfortable with job interviews through on-campus training sessions, roleplay, and mock interviews.

Understanding Job Market

Our career coaches help you understand the hiring landscape and navigate its challenging terrain.

GreyAtom Learning Platform

GreyAtom Learning Platform is our in-house, cloud-based training platform. Integrated with GitHub and Medium blogs, our training platform brings the best of all worlds at the click of a button. With on-board performance analytics and gamification, GreyAtom Learning Platform offers a seamless learning experience.


Learn by Doing

Learn data science by doing actual work on industry data sets. GreyAtom Learning Platform combines learning with real data sets to deliver optimum learning outcomes.

Integration with GitHub

GreyAtom Learning Platform allows users to auto-post their work on GitHub. Over time, it builds a portfolio of demonstrable skills that can be leveraged during job applications.


Users can collaborate with peers on GreyAtom Learning Platform to troubleshoot problems. This leverages one of the key tenets of learning - peer-to-peer collaboration.


GreyAtom Learning Platform is a fully-configured, virtualized terminal. Its integration with Jupyter Notebook allows you to code as you learn.

Real time dashboard

GreyAtom Learning Platform’s embedded analytics reflects the most current information about the user’s performance and assignment scores.

Build storytelling skills

A data scientist should be able to weave a compelling narrative around his work product. GreyAtom Learning Platform’s gamified blogging experience incentivizes users to blog on esteemed portals like Medium.com.

“I wanted to become a full-stack web developer, but couldn't find the right program. GreyAtom's program makes you capable in a way that you check off all boxes on a recruiter's checklist.”

— Sonal


6th May

Duration: 14 weeks | Mon-Fri

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