How does it help?

GreyAtom Learning Platform enables its user to deliver lessons, work on assignments, code, score and assess learner’s performances.
A Learning platform like GreyAtom Learning Platform follows the Threefold approach that every student must need in the learning path towards Data Science.

Practice Based Approach

GreyAtom Learning Platform has Quiz, Assignments and Projects at the end of each module for practice on real time basis that matches your exact need.

Content Driven

The curriculum is designed with consultation from industry experts and is the most up-to-date source of information hence you don’t have to refer diverse and confusing resources.

Career Services

All of your practice on GreyAtom Learning Platform is updated on GitHub (LinkedIn for developers). The platform also encourages you to blog about your learnings which are directly posted on Medium, thus building your online presence and enhancing your employment opportunities.

Why GreyAtom Learning Platform

For Beginner

The most important phase of your journey where
most fail to get their concepts clear.

Commit.Live comes to your rescue by providing:
→ Concept Onboarding Videos
→ Visual Intuitions
→ Mini-Assignments

For Intermediate

At this stage, your practice will make your skill perfect.
The bestthing to do is CODE.

Get hands on training with:
→ Industry Assignments
→ Guided Projects
→ Mathematical Deep Dives

For Experienced

To land yourself a job, you need to display
the skills you’ve acquired.

This is something that not many of the others provide and includes:
→ UnGuided Projects
→ Hackathons
→ Interview Prep

Our Features

Skill Competency Matrix

Helps you highlight the skills that you excel in
and help gain a competitive edge over others

Next best Revision Recommender

Sharpen your skills by practicing relevant
projects that are essential for your learning curve

Build Adherence

Interactive, exercise driven chapters and daily
assessment boosts interest and develops discipline
over time.

Track Team Progress

See how and your Friends/colleagues have
progressed through the Leaderboard

Our Videos