Rajneesh Kumar

Big data is not about the data.

- Gary King

Rajneesh Kumar

Big Data & Deep Learning Engineer
Fractal Analytics
Experienced Deep learning Engineer skilled in recent deep learning technologies from various tech fronts: object detection, classification, segmentation and action recognition using most popular DL libraries like PyTorch, Keras and TensorFlow.
Machine Learning Python Image Preprocessing
  • Fractal Analytics
    Lead Engineer - Deeplearning and Bigdata
    In Fractal analytics, I am helping various clients for solving problems around bigdata and deeplearning in vision space using cutting edge technologies. I am leading capability team with major in image processing. I am currently working on Object Detection, Object Classification and OCR related solutions using deeplearning and GPU technologies.
    2016 - Current
  • Persistent Systems
    Senior Software Engineer
    In Persistent Systems, I was part of Bigdata team and helping clients to build robust big data pipelines using current tools and technologies. I have successfully implemented bigdata project that deals with TB's of unstructured data and running successfully in producton environment. I have also worked on Machine Learning project for leading Oil and Gas client using Python ML libraries.
    2014 - 2016
  • Wipro
    Software Engineer
    In Wipro, my role was an ETL developer and I was part of BI team. We were using IBM Datastage as ETL tool. My task was to get the data from the various sources (databases. Excel files, CSV files and raw text files) and apply the ETL (Extract, transformation, and loading) technique. Data is properly transformed and provided to reporting team in required format to build the report and dashboards. I was involved as ETL developer in multiple projects throughout my tenure in Wipro LTD.
    2010 - 2012
  • Institute of Engineering and Technology
    Engineering Degree (IT)
    2006 - 2010
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
    Master's Degree (IT)
    2012 - 2014

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