Data Science Masters Program

Classroom - Mentor-led | 8 Months

Turn data into insights and solve problems intelligently.

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Data Science Masters Program
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How GreyAtom prepares you for a Data Science career
Understanding concepts is only half the journey of learning. The other half is turning that knowledge into skills, through practical application. Our approach is to train you in industry-relevant skills, and build an impressive portfolio to ensure your outcomes.
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Mentored program
Mentored program

We have hand-picked industry practitioners to take you through real problems that they solve on a daily basis. You will learn how the concepts in the classroom are used in real life.

Mixed structure model
Mixed structure model

Fixed interactive mentor sessions on the weekends, and flexible self-study sessions during the week.

Step out as a Data Scientist
Step out as a Data Scientist

Graduate from the program with a firm grounding in Data Science, ready to use your knowledge to solve business problems in any industry.

GLabs: a 24x7 learning environment
GLabs delivers an unparalleled learning experience. Complete with content, practice assignments, projects, hackathons, simulations and varied learning activities, it anchors your learning and enables your career transition. GLabs keeps you on track each day - each week - each month - to win the year. GLabs highlights learner improvement areas, current skill levels, guides on what to study next and much more.
Our delivery system is calibrated to ensure your success

Instructor Hours




Guided Projects


Mentored Hackathons

What you will learn
A modular program where you will learn concepts by taking on real datasets. Learn to accurately analyse data to get valuable insights, and present findings, the program sharpens your skills in statistics, programming and modelling.
Module 1
This module will give you an overview of the Data Science Masters along with the tools required to succeed in the program.
  • 2 Courses
  • Learning Data Science - the GreyAtom way
    1 h
  • Data Science Program Orientation
    1 h
Module 2
If Data Science is a skill, the language through which it is picked up is Python. You'll learn python in an elaborate manner by performing tasks while learning the concept by solving real industry problems.
  • 7 Courses
  • Introduction to Data Science
    2 h
  • Getting Started with Python
    5 h
  • Handling Program Flow in Python
    8 h
  • Manipulating Data with NumPy
    5 h
  • Data Wrangling with Pandas
    8 h
  • Visualize Data using Matplotlib
    3 h
  • Git, GitHub & Writing Production Grade Code
    2 h
Module 3
In this module, we will brush up the mathematical building blocks - probability, statistics, linear algebra as well as get introduced to the first few ML algorithms. The math is onboarded with intuition taking the front seat over jargon.
  • 5 Courses
  • Summarizing Data with Statistics
    7 h
  • Introduction to Probability
    10 h
  • Making Inference from Data
    8 h
  • Make your first prediction with Linear Regression
    4 h
  • Regularization
    8 h
Module 4
Get your hands on the next-level concepts of machine learning. You will become proficient in taking a real dataset build any predictive model to derive insights. These will take your machine learning mastery to the next level.
  • 4 Courses
  • EDA & Data Preprocessing
    4 h
  • Logistic Regression
    7 h
  • Feature Selection
    6 h
  • Decision Trees
    7 h
Module 5
Learn more about advanced algorithms for Supervised & Unsupervised Learning.
  • 6 Courses
  • Ensemble methods
    7 h
  • Gradient Boosting Machines
    3 h
  • Clustering
    5 h
  • How to Solve a Business Problem using Data Science
    2 h
  • Solving Data Science problems for hackathon and capstone
    1 h
  • Challenges in Machine Learning
    6 h
Module 6
Explore the foundations of text data analysis as you deviate from numerical data. The module will help you to deal with text data and also build your own chatbot.
  • 6 Courses
  • Introduction to NLP
    6 h
  • Sentiment Analysis
    5 h
  • Language Models
    5 h
  • Topic Modeling
    5 h
  • Parsing
    4 h
  • Understanding Chatbot using Rasa Tech Stack
    1 h
Module 7
This module contains extra study material other than the concepts in the curriculum which can be used for self-study and extra knowledge.
  • 3 Courses
  • Hands-on Linear Algebra
    9 h
  • Support Vector Machines
    5 h
  • Deploying your Machine Learning model
    1 h
Module 8
Career Services
  • 1 Course
  • How to ace a Data Science Interview
    2 h
Module 9
Capstone Project
In this module, you will apply what you have learned in the previous modules. From business case studies to recommending solutions, you will finally be ready to step out in the real world.

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How the program works
Step-by-step transition into a Data Scientist

Learner prepares

Structured yet flexible, you will use GLabs to access a highly relevant curriculum and prepare for weekend sessions with the mentor. The material contains lessons, tasks and pre-identified activities to give you a thorough grounding in each module. In-session time is then meant for discussions or collaborative project work — all performed under expert guidance.
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Meet a few of our mentors
Our mentors are the brightest data scientists you will encounter in the industry, bringing with them talent and experience from topnotch companies and academic institutions. Whatever you need, whenever you need – the in-house team and industry mentors are there for you. Their expertise in their field comes into the classroom each day.
Amitanshu Gupta

Amitanshu Gupta

Head - New Products & Business Initiatives `
Bharti Axa General Insurance
Daniele Rosa

Daniele Rosa

Data Scientist
Arunabh Majumdar

Arunabh Majumdar

Senior Data Scientist
Prudential UK
Career Services
Career Services Image
Kick-off - Career Resources
What you need to know to get a Data Science Job? How to get noticed by recruiters? Data Science Interview Process & understanding the Jobs.
Social Profile - LinkedIn
Create a solid LinkedIn profile so that recruiters can find you. Use LinkedIn to apply for jobs and send follow up messages to key decision makers.
Portfolio - GitHub
Build 2 Portfolio projects (from your hackathons/capstone) and showcase your superpower. Make your projects presentable, well documented and put them on GitHub.
Create a great resume that stands out and communicates the right information for the job. Your resume needs rework each time you apply for a new role.

Develop a winning software engineering portfolio, effective technical interview tactics, and more with your personal career coach.

Participate in Competition

Participate in Competition

Practice Mock Interview

Practice Mock Interview

Attempt Online Coding Tests

Attempt Online Coding Tests

"Love their program. Awesome learning platform and very helpful interview prep."
Career Services Image
Optimize Resume
Always tweak your resumes as per the requirement. Include relevant skills in your resume that are mentioned in JD
Get as many interviews as possible
Applying to jobs, giving multiple interviews and learning from it (Nobody gets through after 1st couple of interviews)
Attempting Interviews & incorporating feedback from the experts. Proactively ask for feedback
Apply → Interview → Learn → Revise
Hang in there at difficult times and stay motivated. Learners typically take 3 - 4 interview before they start getting offers.

Connect to 170+ hiring partners
We've built and nurtured relationships with the best companies who trust us to train Data Scientists that are ready to solve their business problems skillfully.

Success stories

We are invested in every learner success story, because we measure our achievements by yours. Here is what some of our learners have to say about their GreyAtom experience:
Nitika is Learner at GreyAtom

Nitika Goel

Data Scientist at MobiKwik

Loved their program. Awesome learning platform and very helpful interview prep.

Bhavesh Bhatt is Learner at GreyAtom

Bhavesh Bhatt

Data Scientist at

Multiple capstone projects at GreyAtom have helped me develop my skills on Big Data and all other elements of Data Science.

Shrishti Sawla is Learner at GreyAtom

Srishti Sawla

Data Scientist at Bharti AXA

It was an amazing experience to join GreyAtom - working with the peers, getting insights from the mentors and learning on an AI-powered platform, GLabs.

Program Fee and Batch Schedules
Choose any of the upcoming batches with flexi-payment plans. No cost EMI available.
Program Fee
Data Science Masters Program
Classroom - Mentor-led|8Months
$ 1,600
$ 2,000
You Save 20%

  • Up to 20% scholarship for deserving applicants
  • 300+ hours of online Practice
  • 6 month access to the GLabs
  • Access to 1:1 career coach and Hiring Network
Batch Schedules
January 05
9:30 am ‐ 4:30 pm (IST)

Your passport to a bright future

On completion of your GreyAtom course, you will receive a certificate which you can share with friends, coworkers, peers and potential employers. It serves as proof of your accomplishment, and can be verified on the GreyAtom website by anyone you share it with through a unique ID.
Data Science Master Program Certificate
Got Questions? We are all ears.

Typically, we have 4 batches starting each month. Click here to learn the dates of all the upcoming batches.

Yes - Read more about our Career Services and Career Coach.
Learners who successfully made career transition typically clock between 12 - 16 hours each week. This is in addition to in-session hours. GreyAtom Learning Platform - ‘GLabs’ helps us track the time spent learning.
We have convenient Weekend schedules that suit across learners across time zones. Talk to our counsellor to find a suitable batch.
GreyAtom Riya Shah
Riya Shah
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