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A rigorous learning program, designed to get you ready for the challenges of the industry in every way. The ideal applicant is one with grit, initiative and aptitude. We bring investment, knowledge, experience and professional guidance to the table. You bring a desire for exponential growth and lifelong learning.
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Practical, skills-based modules for in-demand tech skills

Learn by doing, under the guidance of experts in the field. We constantly revise the modules to be current and relevant, in a rapidly evolving industry.
Module 1


Understanding how the Web works; Basics of HTML and CSS

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Module 2

Foundations of Web Development

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and Git; Development workflow

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Module 3

Creating Interactive Web Apps

UI principles; JavaScript; React JS; App deployment

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Module 4

Advanced React

Ecosystem of React, Redux, React Router

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Module 5

Capstone Project

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and Git; Development workflow

Placement preparation

Our experience is gained from successfully transitioning 2000+ careers. You are in good hands.
Career Services Image
Our experience is gained from successfully transitioning 2000+ careers. You are in good hands.
Hackathons and capstones
Amp up your resume with projects that you build from scratch
Resume refactoring
Get expert help in showcasing your skills perfectly
Interview coaching
Prepare with mock interviews, technical challenges and training exercises

Here's how an ISA helps you

Great education should be accessible to everyone, without finances becoming an obstacle. Our ISA is a means by which we can invest in the careers and future success of learners.

An ISA is not a loan.

With an ISA, you graduate the program without debt and only pay a fraction of your salary once you get a job. With a loan, there is a principal amount, plus interest that adds up, regardless of whether you have a job.

Payments start only after you get a job.

Till you get a job, you don’t pay any fees. The fee payments are a 17% of your salary every month, for a fixed amount of time, unlike an EMI which is a fixed amount till the loan is repaid.

The payments are limited.

The monthly ISA payments go on for a maximum of 24 months; never beyond that. Another thing: your monthly payments will stop as soon as you reach the amount cap.

Learn more about how an ISA works. →
Income Share Agreement
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Details about upcoming batches for the Frontend Engineering program

Program commencement

6th Jan 9:30 AM

Application deadline

1st Jan

Start Application

Program commencement

10th Feb 9:30 AM

Application deadline

5th Feb

Start Application
Got Questions? We are all ears.
With the help of this rigorous program, you will learn in-demand tech and be able to build applications in 4 months. The industry always looking for frontend engineers, and our program will ensure that you fit the bill perfectly.
You will need good aptitude and a willingness to work hard. The selection process consists of an application form, skills assessment test, and the ISA process.
4 months , 1 dedicated month of career support. Career Support will continue post 6 months of program completion
The next batch starts on Dec 15th, and the application deadline is November 1st.
No, the program is structured in sprints, with live, interactive sessions with mentors. Full attendance of all live sessions is mandatory.
No. The program is an interactive and mentor-led program, and recordings would not capture the experience.
You can do this with your current job. The session timings during the week would be alternate days post 9.00 PM
You have the freedom to choose where you work. However, if you Apply to a job and you are offered, you must accept the position.
We have a dedicated Career Services team to help you build your resume and portfolio, prepare for interviews and get connected to industry partners. Your success is our success.
175+ companies have hired GreyAtom learners. Leading tech companies like CleverTap, CapGemini and Fractal, and financial giants like Bharti AXA and Barclays are some examples.
ISA is an Income share agreement that you sign with Greyatom towards a post payment plan that you choose for your tuition fee payment of the program.
It depends on how much you will be earning. You will pay either 17% of your gross salary for 24 months, or a maximum of Rs. 3,00,000 total, whichever comes first.
The income share agreement is not a loan. There is no interest charged.
As soon as you find your first job.
The verification process involves checking your offer letter, first salary slip, and information received from our industry partner, who handles all of the collecting, reporting, and other administration related to our Income Share Agreements.
You need to submit your offer letter and first salary slip to our industry partner, who handles all of the collecting, reporting, and other administration related to our Income Share Agreements.
If you don't have a bank account, you will need to open one.
Yes, you need to connect the bank account where you receive your salary.
Yes, you can pay INR 1.5 lakhs upfront.
You will sign the ISA with GreyAtom. However, this agreement will be managed by our financial partner once you find your first job or receive the required hike after you complete the program.
It begins from the day you sign the ISA
Your first payment starts with your second salary cycle.
You have the option to quit the program in the first week. After that, you are required to adhere to the terms of the agreement.
GreyAtom Riya Shah
Riya Shah
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Get a high-paying job; Become a Frontend Engineer.

Companies are always looking for highly skilled web developers. Launch your career on a strong note, choose Frontend Engineering

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