Introduction to Python

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Python is everywhere

Introduction to Python
What you will learn
A modular program where you will learn concepts by taking on real datasets. Learn to accurately analyse data to get valuable insights, and present findings, the program sharpens your skills in statistics, programming and modelling.
Module 1
Sharpen your Python programming skills with this essential toolkit for data scientists and set yourselves up for success in the data science journeyallows you to quickly deploy
  • 1 Course
  • Introduction to Data Science
    2 h
Module 2
Use your skills in Python to solve problems.
  • 1 Course
  • Getting Started with Python
    5 h
Module 3
Handling Program Flow with Python
  • 1 Course
  • Handling Program Flow in Python
    8 h
Module 4
Manipulating Data with NumPy
  • 1 Course
  • Manipulating Data with NumPy
    5 h
Module 5
Data Wrangling with Pandas
  • 1 Course
  • Data Wrangling with Pandas
    8 h
Module 6
Visualize Data using Matplotlib
  • 1 Course
  • Visualize Data using Matplotlib
    3 h
Module 7
Python Projects I
  • 2 Projects
  • Olympic Hero
    2 h
  • Reconcile a report using Pandas
    1 h
Module 8
Python Projects II
  • 2 Projects
  • Complex Number Calculator
    1 h
  • Python Mini Challenges
    2 h
Module 9
Capstone Project
In this module, you will apply what you have learned in the previous modules. From business case studies to recommending solutions, you will finally be ready to step out in the real world.
How it works

Learner prepares

GreyAtom Learning Platform - "GLabs" enables learners to access the Industry co-created curriculum & prepare for the weekend interaction with the Mentor. Learner go through materials, perform pre-identified activities. In-session time is reserved for activities such as discussions or collaborative work — all performed under mentor guidance.
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One Platform to change the way we learn technology
'GLabs' - GreyAtom Learning Platform delivers an unparalleled learning experience. Complete with content, practice assignments, projects, hackathons, simulations and more - it anchors your learning and career transition. GLabs keeps you on track each day - each week - each month - to win the year. GLabs tells learner improvement areas, current skill level, what to study next and much more.
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GreyAtom is located in Mumbai, India. However, most of our sessions take place entirely online. Various cities have local meetups and gatherings. Students do not work out of our offices.

Learners who successfully made career transition typically clock between 12 - 16 hours each week. This is in addition to in-session hours. GreyAtom Learning Platform - ‘GLabs’ helps us track the time spent learning.
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