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Counseling Videos

  • What should you do to switch careers to data science?

    These are 12 must-dos if you wish to start a career in data science. Regardless of your professional background, following these 12 recommendations will help you get a headstart.


  • Which language should you learn to become a data scientist?

    Which is the best language to train on and practice data science? Is it R or Python? Find the answer in this video.


  • Why is a GitHub profile important for becoming a data scientist?

    Find out what is GitHub and how an impactful GitHub profile can help you get a job.


  • Can professionals from a non-tech background switch careers to data science?

    Watch to find out whether or not a non-tech professional can switch to data science. Also, discover recommendations on making the switch.


  • How to make a lateral career move to data science?

    Find out if you have what it takes to make a lateral career move to data science and how you will pull it off.


  • What is the right curriculum for data science program?

    Discover what an impactful data science program should be like. Find out how to compare different programs based on their curriculum.


  • Why is the learning platform important to becoming a successful data scientist?

    Find out how the learning platform contributes to enhanced understanding of data science and a higher chance of success. Also, discover unique features in GreyAtom’s Learning Platform.


  • How projects contribute to your success as a data scientist?

    Find how guided and unguided projects help in building and reinforcing the basic skillset of data set.


  • Why is it important to train on industry datasets?

    Working on industry real datasets simulates the challenges that a data scientist will face at work. Watch on to find more.


  • How hiring challenges can unlock job opportunities?

    Find out the hidden potential of hiring challenges. From simulating an actual job order to opening new doors, a hiring challenge is a must-attend.


  • How hackathons contribute to your success as a data scientist?

    Hackathons are different from the course content, primarily, because of time constraints imposed on delivering results. Watch the video to find out some of the other reasons behind their distinctiveness.


  • What makes for an effective instructor/mentor for data science?

    Your instructor and mentor will play a huge role in your achieving your program goals. Watch this video to understand the qualities an impactful instructor must have and how they bear down upon your success.


  • How can you self-train yourself in data science?

    Becoming your own trainer is not an easy task. Find out the challenges one faces in becoming a self-taught data scientist and how you should address them.


  • What you as a data scientist have to gain from blogging?

    One of the benefits of blogging is that it helps you showcase your ideas and knowledge in simple English to your peers, recruiters, and the general public. Watch the video to find out the rest.



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