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Global initiative for Beginners and Budding Data Scientists...

The 10,000 Minute Lecture is an online series of live machine learning lessons delivered by industry experts. These lectures will be interactive and resolve all your doubts.
The 10,000 Minute Lecture was created to help you build a strong foundation in Machine Learning. After completion of this series you will have a thorough understanding on how to build Machine Learning models and deploy them.
And yes, it's for FREE!

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Get Platform with 50 Hours of Practice Assignments and Projects. Plus, exclusive invite to 10,000 minutes of Live Instructor Led Lectures from across the Globe.


What is The 10,000 Minute Lecture?

Most of people nowadays try to self learn Data Science which can be a good start but towards the end you need expert guidance. Doubts and queries can sometimes act as a discouragement amongst learner and take up most of their learning time.

The 10,000 Minute Lecture has been built especially for confused Data Science aspirants who lack resources and guidance. Here's how it can help you

  • Industry experts from around the globe deliver lectures on specific domains in machine learning.
  • The lectures are LIVE.
  • Each lecture has a practice component to it.
  • There is real time Q&A where you can ask questions.
  • With each session, you build hands-on expertise in machine learning.
  • All this for FREE!

Why is GreyAtom conducting the 10,000 Minute Lecture


Head Program & Academics

"Ivy League level education in Data Science, NLP and Computer Vision. The lecture series provides valuable exposure and insight to the professionals as well as networking opportunities for students, industry and the local community."


Head Industry Relations

"The 10,000 minute lecture is a high quality lecture series featuring world-renowned speakers, showcasing academic excellence & industry rigour. This includes conversations with lectures and guest lectures by experts across a wide range of disciplines."


Chief Academic Counsellor

"A goldmine of information on Machine Learning. The public lectures celebrate the achievements of each of our mentors who come from all walks of life. You can attend these to start your Data Science journey."

Who are the speakers?

Rohit Ghosh

AI Researcher @

Mehul Chopra

IT Consultant & Trainer

Deepak Angrula

VP Engineering @ Acko Insurance

Balaji Kannu

PhD scholar and Lecturer @ IIT Madras

Prakshi Yadav

Data Engineer @ Episource LLC

Pushkar Shah

Data Analytics & Visualisation

Prakash Vanapalli

Data Scientist @ Fractal Analytics

Sidharth Ramachandran

Senior Data Scientist, Supercrunch by GfK

Bhavesh Bhatt

Data Scientist @ FlexiLoans

Parag Pansare

AWS Cloud Architect (Assoc Manager) @ Accenture

Manas Ranjan Kar

Associate Vice President @ Episource LLC

Soumendra Dhanee

Founder @ TwoBeards

Puneet Jain

Data Scientist & Kaggle competitions expert

Manish Kukreja

Research Software Engineer @ University of Auckland

And more...

I don't think there's a more exciting field to be in than data science, and that's partly because to be a successful data scientist you have to always be learning. GreyAtom helps you learn more than just the foundations of analytics and machine learning. It helps you become a better learner and that's a skill that will reward you for the rest of your life.

— Paul Meinshausen, Mentor @ GreyAtom

What will you get?

Access to GLabs

Get access to GreyAtom's learning platform - GLabs. 50+ Hours of Practice Content + 10,000 Hours of Live Lectures, Access to Public Hackathons + other valuable resources.

Learn from Industry Professionals

These lectures will be delivered by trusted industry professionals. This will help you develop a stronger foundation. You will get pro-tips on how to develop practitioner-level proficiency.

Job Trends in Industry

Develop an understanding of the industry and job space for machine learning experts. Learn how to build a portfolio and approach interviews in a way that increases your chances of a successful outcome.

Be a part of DataGiri Community

Gain free access to worldwide communities and groups in machine learning and data science. This is your portal to engage with like-minded folks around the world and grow your network.

Monthly Events

Webinars, Seminars, Workshops are great ways to share your experience and learn from others. You’ll attend such monthly events both online and offline.

Who should attend?

If you are a beginner, an enthusiast, or a professional, you must attend. Also, you must ...

  • Love Maths - Comfortable with Maths. At least don't hate maths. Open to learn.
  • Love Programming - Open to learning programming. If you are an active programmer - Super.   
  • Strong Initiative - The study material includes both passive and active participation. Those that not only consume the content but engage with it and the community will get the most value.

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Get Platform with 50 Hours of Practice Assignments and Projects. Plus, exclusive invite to 10,000 minutes of Live Instructor Led Lectures from across the Globe.


Topic Tree

The 10,000 Minute Lecture has very comprehensive curriculum. We've covered Machine Learning right from its basics.

See below detailed topics that will be taken up.


Git Basics & Introduction to Python
First Steps with Numpy
Numpy Advanced & Pandas-An Introduction
Pandas -Getting Deeper
Building an intuition with Visualizations on Matplotlib/ Seaborn


Statistics #01 - Descriptive
Statistics #02 - Inferential
Shaping data with Exploratory Data Analysis
Linear Regression - Will a line suffice?
Linear Regression - A Step advanced
Data Preprocessing & Feature Engineering
Feature Selection


Logistic Regression
Decision Trees
Ensembling & Random Forest
Gradient Boosting
Challenges in Machine Learning
Clustering / K-Means


Time Series - A Primer
Natural Language Processing - Introduction
Natural Language Processing - Intermediate
Introduction to Recommender Systems
Introduction to ChatBots
Productionizing ML - Deployment on AWS

How will you attend?



Alerts for Lectures


Attend Lectures

The best part about teaching at GreyAtom is the commitment that the team has towards making sure their students succeed. And that not only makes the experience a lot more satisfying but also motivates you as a teacher to level up.

— Deepak Angrula, Instructor @ GreyAtom

Who are our industry partners?

Student Reviews

GreyAtom is a one-stop solution to a data science career. From hands-on learning to hackathons, they cover it all.

Loved the instructors. Awesome learning platform and very helpful interview prep. This kind of stuff should be taught in the universities.

Concepts have been explained nicely. A must for students who are keen in learning Data Science and taking it as a career option.

The curriculum is very well thought of and has a good flow. I really liked their approach to learning data science and will recommend it to anyone who wants to start their career in data science

Frequently Asked Questions

How will we attend these lectures?
You will receive an invitation email containing all the details including the meeting link for the lectures

Who can attend these lectures?
These lectures are specifically targetted for beginners or entry level data science aspirants.

Since this is a global program how will the timings match?
It is not possible to cover all the geographies at the same time. Hence in case you miss a lecture, a recorded video will be shared with you in the following week.

Are there any hidden charges for this?
Currently, it is FREE for the first 1000 applicants.

How actionable will the content be?
The content will provide actionable and analytical concepts for understanding Data Science and forming a comprehensive study plan. But there will be minimal “how to” content. Those can be found on many other great sites free of charge.


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