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The 26 Weeks of Data Science is a study plan, covering everything from basics of Data Science to core concepts, to its applications.

This study plan will not only help you learn data science methodically but also help you create a social profile in Data Science communities. In the next 26 weeks, you will work on multiple projects, build a strong Data Science portfolio, have a strong network of Data Science Professionals.

How it works

For 26 weeks, you will get a weekly email with study materials, projects, access to GLabs, invitations to webinars, career advice, and much more. All you need to sign up with your email address.

What this study plan offers

Just by reading a couple of books and clearing theory based exams you will not gain industry grade skills. You need to find the complete package. 26 Weeks of Data Science will provide weekly notebooks, videos, cheatsheets, Projects and more.

When you join the 26 Weeks of Data Science Study Material you get access to:

In Depth Study Materials

In Depth Study Materials

These study materials will provide you content developed by leaders at GreyAtom, DataGiri and more. You should consume these within 3-4hrs. This will help you develop a stronger foundation.

Access to DataGiri

Access to DataGiri

DataGiri is the fastest growing Data Science community. You will be a part of your local chapter and connected to every Data Science enthusiast around the globe.

Monthly Events

Monthly Events

Webinars, Seminars, Workshops are great ways to share your experience and learn from others. You’ll attend such monthly events both online and offline.

Real Data Set Projects

Real Data Set Projects

You’ll be solving projects on real data sets by applying the concepts learned from the study material. You will learn to play freely with data and work on Machine Learning models.

Career Resources

Career Resources

After you complete Phase I of the study plan you’ll be given resources, videos that’ll help you build your resume, portfolio and social presence.

Access to DataGiri

Access to GLabs

'GLabs' - GreyAtom Learning Platform delivers an unparalleled learning experience. Complete with content, practice assignments, projects, hackathons, simulations and more - it anchors your learning and career transition.

26 Weeks is a Remote Career Development for Beginners

A lot of people want to learn Data Science but lack proper guidance. It becomes hard to evaluate what to learn when to learn. Hence there is a huge drop rate in the motivation after 2-3 weeks.
To help learners get a clearer picture of what they are learning and keeping them motivated throughout their journey, we built 26 Weeks of Data Science. Here’s how this study plan will add true value to its learners:
  • Structured Study Plan: You’ll receive an optimized learning plan designed by our Leaders from GreyAtom, DataGiri and more.
  • Access to GLabs: Apart from the in-detail notebooks and resources, you will get access to all free courses on GreyAtom’s Learning Platform - GLabs.
  • Additional Resources: What’s learning without a little fun. You will get hand-picked videos, book recommendation, career guidance, motivational tips, access to your local Data Science community and much more.

The only free study plan with Career Resources

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You will get access to the resources created by our experienced career resources team that can help you optimize and amplify your professional presence and help you draw more eyeballs.
  • Resume Building: Optimize your resume to match job filters for data science positions.
  • LinkedIn Presence: Learn clever hacks to improve the visibility of your LinkedIn profile and get noticed by employers.
  • Interview Questions: Find out how to answer critical interview questions that make or break the deal.

Outline of Study Plan

We've designed the 26 Weeks of Data Science Series so you can set your own schedule to work through the material week after week.
See below for a full study plan of the study plan.
  • Week 1: Git Basics & Introduction to Python
  • Week 2: First Steps with Numpy
  • Week 3: Numpy Advanced & Pandas-An Introduction
  • Week 4: Pandas -Getting Deeper
  • Week 5: Building an intuition with Visualizations on Matplotlib/ Seaborn
  • Week 6: Statistics #01 - Descriptive
  • Week 7: Statistics #02 - Inferential
  • Week 8: Shaping data with Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Week 9: Linear Regression - Will a line suffice?
  • Week 10: Linear Regression - A Step advanced
  • Week 11: Data Preprocessing & Feature Engineering
  • Week 12: Feature Selection
  • Week 13: Logistic Regression
  • Week 14: Decision Trees
  • Week 15: Ensembling & Random Forest
  • Week 16: Gradient Boosting
  • Week 17: Challenges in Machine Learning
  • Week 18: Clustering / K-Means
  • Week 19: Time Series - A Primer
  • Week 20: Feature Engineering for Time Series
  • Week 21: Natural Language Processing - Introduction
  • Week 22: Natural Language Processing - Intermediate
  • Week 23: Introduction to Recommender Systems
  • Week 24: Introduction to ChatBots
  • Week 25: Productionizing ML - Deployment on AWS
  • Week 26: Hackathon

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Student Testimonials

"The content was excellent. I learned new concepts that I implemented right away. Beyond the content, I attended so many events."
"I like the pacing and the breakup of the individual lessons. Any given lesson is usually not too long and can be completed in probably about 2 hours. I think learning this way makes it less intimidating"
"The material is well curated and is easy to digest for any person. The quality of the illustrations and the tutorials/explanations are very high."

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Got Questions? We are all ears.

Good question — we know the 26 Weeks of Data Science is a serious study plan. So if you're looking for the becoming data scientist in quicktime, then the 26 Weeks Series won't be worth it.

However, if you're looking for study plan that you can apply directly, step-by-step seasoned guidance, relevant projects, suggested by data science leaders who spent years in the trenches AND monthly events where you can connect with actual data science practitioners... then yes, the 26 Weeks Series is worth the commitment.

This study plan is fit for beginners.

For a highly motivated learner, this study plan can be an extremely valuable launch to a career in Data Science. From time to time, you will be receiving various career resources that can be used to build a strong portfolio.

The content will provide actionable and analytical concepts for understanding Data Science and forming a comprehensive study plan. But there will be minimal “how to” content. Those can be found on many other great sites free of charge.
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