Daniele Rosa

‘You work and toil and earn bread, and I’ll eat it.’

- Abraham Lincoln


Daniele Rosa

Data Scientist
Experienced scientist and tech craftsman with fearless flexibility. Lead problem solver in the financial services industry and scientific research. Not a perfectionist, but rather believing that domain knowledge and trials and errors is the recipe to success.
Machine Learning NLP Time Series
    2019 - Current
    Data Scientist
    Data Scientist at OSRAM. Innovation. Digital Farming.
    2019 - Current
  • CiBO Technologies
    Senior Data Scientist
    Crop Modeler & Data Scientist. Digital Farming. Research and develop new model features, data science tools, and analytics. Apply a systems-approach to implementing new technology. Connect business and science.
    2018 - 2019
  • Appian Way Energy Partners
    Researcher & Developer
    Data Scientist & Engineer. Scrape, transform, load, analyze, and mine electricity market data. Develop visualization tools. Develop portfolio risk metrics. Model virtual contract pricing and outage occurrence. Implement automatic trading algorithm. Model electricity power flow for fundamental analysis.
    2016 - 2018
  • Berkeley Lab
    Project Scientist
    Develop next-generation climate models capable of adaptive mesh refinement. Model atmosphere and cloud. Quantify climate model uncertainty. Model, develop, execute, and analyze ensemble runs on high performance computing environments. Big data.
    2019 - 2019
  • University of California, Berkeley
    Developed cloud-explicit global atmospheric tracer transport & performed rainfall data analysis. Publish in peer review journals. Instructor for climate dynamics.
    2008 - 2014
  • Humboldt State University
    Graduate Student Researcher & Teacher
    Model forest ecosystem under climate change. Full teacher role for math department.
    2006 - 2007
  • Accenture Italia
    Develop public and private web office for investment banks. Develop applications for business and customer relationship management, as well as applications for data analysis, reporting, and migration. Assure software quality, application support, central help desk support, and application integration. Coordinate of 2nd line of support for 18 1st line help-desks worldwide from central help-desk. Investigate, allocate, and escalate issues according to service level agreement. Manage and monitor cases. Coordinate integration engineers.
    2002 - 2005
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