We are an educational technology products company, designing industry-relevant programs, building optimum educational environment, and developing competencies in the area of emerging technologies.



GreyAtom was birthed in December 2016 in a bid to design an innovative educational program in data science for professionals and students alike.

First find

Several months of toil later, GreyAtom announced the launch of its first cohort of data science program in May 2017. The turnout was abundant and we knew we were up to something big.


Complacency is a silent killer. To get an edge, GreyAtom incorporated principles of Immersive Learning into its data science program.

Enterprise offering

GreyAtom revisited its appetite for growth by venturing into the B2B space. We partnered up with big-ticket MNCs on upskilling their employees.

Educational partner

GreyAtom built ties with DataGiri - a pan-India data science community. We have been leveraging Datagiri’s intellectual learnings to develop our product offerings.

Going bigger

GreyAtom received a $1 million dollar funding from Pravega Ventures. This is our first step towards going global.


GreyAtom diversified its educational products to offer remote-administered programs and executive workshops.


Shweta Doshi

Co-Founder & Head Program & Academics

Shweta is the co-founder and the Head of Program at GreyAtom. She has previously worked as an Associate Director at Nielsen.

She is the organizer of the very popular and prestigious Data Science Meetup in Mumbai - "DATAGIRI" which has close to 2000 members. Her in-depth knowledge of Data Science and her extensive experience of dealing and understanding data scientists has made her an invaluable Data Science Leader.

Mitul Thakkar

Co-Founder & Head Industry Relations

Mitul is the co-founder at GreyAtom and has previously founded Customer360 which got acquired by NASDAQ: ININ in 2015.

He has a very broad experience spectrum. From working in the Silicon Valley to founding a company that got acquired by NASDAQ: ININ, Mitul has done it all. He mentors at multiple Accelerators and is a personal mentor to a handful of entrepreneurs too.

Mayuresh Shilotri

Co-Founder & Chief Academic Counsellor

Mayuresh is the co-founder at GreyAtom and has previously founded Customer360 which got acquired by NASDAQ: ININ in 2015.

He's an alumnus of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology(Madras), is a turnaround specialist and go-to-man at GreyAtom - A complete T-shaped professional. His strengths lie in Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing.


Manish Amin

Co-Founder & CIO at Yatra, Mentor at GreyAtom

Manish Amin is returning to India after having been based in London for the past 28 years.

He is a veteran of the travel industry with over 20 years experience in the Travel and IT industry, 15 of which were with Ebookers where in his last role he was the Head of Technology Infrastructure responsible for managing 24x7 availability of the website and multi-location call centres of Ebookers. He brings with him vast knowledge and experience with proven success in Business Strategy, Sales/Call Centre Delivery, Operations Logistics and more.

He is commercially astute with a passion for driving organisational change to deliver core business objectives.

Divyesh Shah

Engineering Manager at Uber (San Francisco), Academic Mentor at GreyAtom

Divyesh started coding at 15, writing games on his TI-83. At 17, he was already teaching classes on pointer arithmetic and class heirarchies.

He is a former Ex-Googler and currently leads the team at Uber, San Francisco where he works with the city managers and operations teams to learn the local context and intelligence and feed that back into the systems.

At GreyAtom, he looks after the engineering team and mentors in academic affairs.

Paul Meinshausen

Data and Product | Montane Ventures

Paul Meinshausen is an experienced data, product, and software executive and is Data Scientist in Residence at Montane Ventures. He co-founded and was Chief Data Officer at PaySense, a mobile fintech startup in Mumbai. Earlier he was Vice President of Data Science at Housing.com and a Principal Data Scientist at Teradata.

Prateek Kapadia

CTO at Flytxt

Pratik has 20+ years of vast experience and has actively contributed to the growth of mobile internet technology in India. Currently, he is managing Flytxt’s technology roadmap, with a special strategic focus on analytics algorithms and platforms R&D, and management of associated IP.

He has co-invented a mobile social network application platform, and has co-authored published research and patents in the areas of mobile analytics and network algorithms.

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