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90 Minutes - on becoming a Data Scientist

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Kick Start your Career in Data Science

28th January, 2021

8:00 PM – 9:30 PM (IST)

What you will get

17,500+ students skilled by GreyAtom in least 3 years. We have seen students succeed (and also fail). You will get all the resources needed to get you started. Don’t miss it.

What to expect from the masterclasss

Access to 15000+ Data Science Learning Community which will develop a great habit of collaborative learning and growing

Featured in

Ranked the best Data Science Bootcamp Globally 2020-21



We will not leave you just with the 90 mins of LIVE sessions. By the end of this masterclass we will give you all the resources you need to get that job.

Who is this masterclass for

It is myth that only people who are good with Maths and Programming CAN become a Data Scientist. Yes, a background in Maths and Programming does help, but it is not a skill which cannot be developed. I’ve seen people with 100s of students, freshers, managers from both tech and non tech background make a successful transition. You will find some of them once you scroll.

Student/ Fresher

Just starting your careers and want to do something new. You are in a fix as to whether you can make it or not. Scared to take the bold move.

Tech Managers

Want to stay up-to-date with the newer technologies. Apply yourself better and manage or guide your team to solve problems in a better way.

2-5yrs of experience

Early starters. You’ve realized the new buzz and want to start before it is too late. This is the perfect time to switch. Get the hike in your career early on.

Non-tech Aspirants

Mathematics, Programming. It surely sounds difficult but with right amount of hardwork and some guidance you can make it. Your experience in different domain will give you an extra edge.

10+yrs of experience

You are mostly saturated with what you do, and want to do something new. At the same time you want to leverage your management experience. You can do wonders with Data Science


Our pool of Successful Learners

Here’s what my happy learners had to say about us. Time taken to take decision adds to the cost. ACT NOW!

GreyAtom really brought the industry into the sessions. I still use the same concepts that I learned during my hackathons and projects at my job.

Jasraj Date

Artificial Intelligence Engineer at emotix
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The path to me discovering Data Science was long and winding, but thanks to GreyAtom, the journey to becoming a Data Scientist was straightforward.

Priyavrat Kagzi

RM & Operations at Indian Odyssey Pvt. Ltd.
Sr. Associate – Data Science

What our learners have to say

We at GreyAtom deeply impact people’s life and it shows. See what some of them had to say about us.

From Founder's Desk...

It took me 10,000 hours to discover this secret. I have enabled 1000s of learners use this and make rapid strides.

I’m Mayuresh Shilotri and have seen 1000s of people make transition into a Data Science Career. GreyAtom’s Data Science Masterclass will help you get started. GreyAtom Courses are the only thing that you will ever need.

This masterclass will help you identify the tangible roadmap from where you to where you want to be. I know that most of you aspire to become a Data Scientist. You have seen your friends, relatives, colleagues who are Data Scientists but you don’t know where to start from.

Becoming a Data Scientist is not a 5 Day, 15 Day or 30 Day job. It definitely does not have a checklist that you can exhaust and become a Data Scientist. All have a different journey. It’s like running, you learn to walk before you run, and you learn to stand up before you walk.

Similarly, before you end up spending 50-60k on different Data Science programs, I’d recommend you to first learn Python and try solving a project. This will help you decide better. You will LIVE the LIFE of a Data Scientist for one week.

We have packed everything that you will ever need.You are about to begin one of the most exciting journeys in your life, and everyone at GreyAtom is eager to help you succeed. Becoming a data scientist takes a lot of your blood and sweat, and with sheer hard work and full support from us, we are sure you will get there!

My mission is simple – I want you to up-skill as a Data Scientist. If you follow the advise herein – you will get the results that you are seeking. I want to make this 100% risk free for you. A final parting thought –“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”



Mayuresh Shilotri

Co-Founder & Learning Specialist, GreyAtom

Still not convinced?

Search for GreyAtom on Linkedin you will find profiles and posts of people who have changed their lives for better with us. If you think they are staged too, feel free to look us up on switchup. I am sure you will be convinced in no time 🙂

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