Manish Kukreja

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Manish Kukreja

Data Scientist
Auckland DHB
Manish is a data scientist but more broadly, a solution seeker. He is passionate about teaching, (machine) learning and mentoring. His experience spans across multiple domains including consulting, telecom, fire protection, education and now in healthcare. He enjoys a blend of technical and leadership roles, most recently at Auckland DHB, GreyAtom and University of Auckland. His diverse background includes computer science/engineering, statistics and education, each of which he brings to his daily work in data science.
Machine Learning Time Series
  • Auckland DHB
    Data Scientist
    Working as a Data Scientist within the Health Information and Technology (HIT) Service of Auckland District Health Board (ADHB). Liasing with business and data analysts to develop and deploy predictive models for Emergency Department (ED).
    2018 - Current
  • University of Auckland
    eResearch Software Engineer
    Worked as an eResearch Software Engineer at Center for eResearch (CeR) in University of Auckland. It was a multifaceted role including engagement with researchers, solution designing and development and maintenance of cloud platform & services. Achievements: - Nominated for Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Awards 2018. - Developed platform for running Deep Learning models using Docker and Jupyter Hub. Key Responsibilities: - Liaising with researchers, offering guidance and support with design,development and implementation of solutions to improve performance and productivity of their research. - Educating and up skilling researchers via workshops, short courses, and via personal interaction.
    2016 - 2018
  • Alarm New Zealand
    Lead Developer
    Worked as Lead Developer on OpenWrt-based PowerBrick XGateway and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon projects in research and development lab of AlarmNZ. Achievements: - Cost saving of 25%-33% on in-house gateways. Key responsibilities: - PowerBrick XGateway monitoring feature - AlarmNZ XML-IP protocol implementation (Python, XML) - Web Interface enhancements (LuCI - OpenWrt Configuration Interface) (LUA, JavaScript) - Kernel driver Integration of 3G, 4G modems/modules, MT7620 ethernet driver (C/C++) - Kernel building/ compiling for Network equipment like Routers, Gateways, IP cameras etc. (Make, Shell script) - Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0 Beacon development & integration with XGateway (C/C++, Python, XML)
    2015 - 2017
  • Tata Consultancy Services
    IT Analyst
    Worked with several Ericsson teams on Hardware Agnostic MGCF/MSC solution, tested & deployed in an OpenStack environment. Achievements: - Virtualization (hardware agnostic solution) paved way for 5G mobile communications on Ericsson MGCF/MSC server. Key responsibilities: - Develop scripts for manual launching of signaling application on virtualized cluster in OpenStack - Adapt applications to upgraded versions of OpenSAF (AMF) - Coach team members on tools used for development, debugging & testing in CBA and OpenStack environments.
    2008 - 2015
  • University of Auckland
    Master’s Degre, Data Science
    Recipient of "Top Master of Professional Studies in Data Science 2016" Award. Researched and presented findings on several topics ranging from Apache Hive, Apache Hadoop to Microsoft Power BI, as part of my enrolled courses. Conducted research in the area of supervised machine learning, by performing experiments in automatic model selection and evaluation. Specifically, through compositional kernel search of Gaussian Processes (non parametric Bayesian models) on real-valued datasets, as part of my dissertation. My masters dissertation was titled as "ABCD-SE: Automatic Bayesian Covariance Discovery - Stable extrapolation". In this work, the predictive performance of an automatic data analysis system called ABCD was stabilized by improving it's model search, evaluation and selection procedures. Git Repo:
    2015 - 2017
  • University of Mumbai
    Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Engineering
    Final year project titled "Air Touch Screen - ATS" developed in Java. ATS was a Human-Computer Interface (HCI) that allowed users to interact with Windows PC via gestures which emulate mouse and keyboard commands. Users worn LED-mounted hand gloves and an inexpensive web-camera captured the hand movements, ATS translated them into input commands. Users could also use both hands and a secondary mouse pointer would appear on screen. Several input commands that can be emulated using hand gestures included left click, right click, double left click, center click, key press (via on-screen keyboard) and so on.
    2005 - 2008
What I do outside work
  • Learning
  • Running
  • Sports

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