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Built by our hiring partners and top academicians, our program has been created to give you a solid foundation for high-growth careers.

Prof. Balaraman Ravindran
Professor at IIT Madras | Program Mentor at GreyAtom

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become a successful Data Scientist

Wolrd-class mentors

Industry mentors teach in-demand skills and provide live support for projects.

In-demand skills

Syllabus designed in-collaboration with hiring partners and top academicians.

15 Industry projects & hackathons

Solve real business problems and master your practical skills.

Career launch sessions

One-on-one counselling sessions to bring your successful outcome and build personal brand.

100% Placement assistance

Mock interviews, workshops, and access to hiring partners and  job boards.

Pay after placement

Pay the registration fee upfront and rest only after you get a job.

How you will learn

You will start learning on our one-stop learning platform GLabs. Learn online with live mentor sessions, attend group study sessions, get live mentor-support for projects and connect with peers.







Pay after placement option


Join the program with a registration fee upfront and 

stay focused on your learning throughout the program.


Pay rest of the fee only after you get a job. We also have flexible payment options for you. 

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We have helped 2500+ learners launch their successful careers with this program. Our learners talk about the program aspects that made them choose GreyAtom over all other programs.

Susheel Amingad

“GreyAtom is a one-stop solution to a data science career. From hands-on learning to hackathons, they cover it all.”

Software Developer at Accenture
Data Scientist at Deloitte

Abhini Shetye

“Multiple capstone projects at GreyAtom have helped me develop my skills on Big Data and all other elements of Data Science.”

Assistant Manager – Network

Assistant Manager – Data Analytics at Nearby

Aditya Kamble

“Loved their program. Awesome learning platform and very helpful interview prep.”

Quality Engineer at Kautex Textron

Data Scientist at Everlytics

Know why our learners loved this program

Learn from world-class industry mentors at 2X SPEED

Fatos Ismali

Data Solutions Architect


Avinash Ahuja

Machine Learning Engineer


Hardik Gupta

Data Scientist


Learn exactly what hiring partners look for

Data Science toolkit
  • Fundamentals of Python
  • Introduction to Git
Python Modules
  • Manipulating Data with Numpy
  • Data Wrangling using Pandas
  • Data Visualization with Matplotlib
Statistical Tools for Data Science
  • Summarizing Data with Statistics
  • Introduction to Probability
  • Making inference from Data
Foundation of Machine Learning
  • Make your first prediction with Linear Regression
  • Optimizing linear regression models through Regularization
Supervised Machine Learning
  • Solving Classification problem using Logistic Regression
  • Building the right Decision Trees
Data Preparations
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Data Pre-processing Techniques
  • Feature Selection Techniques
Practical Machine Learning
  • Ensembling Techniques and Random Forest
  • Gradient Boosting Machines
  • Unsupervised ML – Clustering
Machine Learning in Production
  • Challenges in ML
  • Deployment of ML model
  • From Business Problem to Data Science Problem
Natural Language Processing
  • Introduction to Natural Language Processing
  • Analyzing Text Data using Sentiment Analysis
Methods of text analytics
  • Topic Modeling
  • Language Models
  • Parsing through Text Data
Natural Language Understanding
  • Using RASA tech stack to develop chat bot
Neural Networks
  • Deep Neural Nets
  • Optimizing Neural Nets
Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Deep learning for text

Solve business problems. 

Hiring partners look for practicing Data Scientists

Learn concepts through an immediate application on real and simulated industry problems. 
Here are a few of the industry-relevant projects you can expect to work on.


Python Fundamentals
Analyzing Movie Data Set
Apply your Python skills to analyze a multi-language movie dataset and identify English movies with high ratings..
Numpy & Pandas
Analyzing Weather Data Set
Apply your Numpy and Pandas skills to analyze the hourly weather data of 2012 and derive insights for real-world applications.
Python & Pandas
Olympics Data Analysis
Apply your Python skills to analyze the datasets all-time of Olympic Games data of 200 nations to identify the hidden insights.
Probability and Statistics
Extracting Business Insights
Analyze 1000 data points related to the 1860-2014 financial crisis in 13 African nations and derive business insights.
Inferential Statistics & Linear Regression
FIFA Project
Assume yourself as a club manager of a Football club. Analyze the dataset and identify the best squad for the upcoming football championship.
Regularization & EDA
Employee Compensation Analysis
Analyze the salary database of the San Francisco Controller’s Office and predict the Total Compensation..
Probability and Statistics
Predicting Mutual Fund Return
Analyze the datasets of mutual funds in the USA and predict the Basis Point Spread over AAA bonds.
Customer message classification
Analyze the dataset of the world’s largest conversational AI platform Haptik & create an NLP model to predict the class of messages.
Modeling Customer’s Feedback
Analyze the dataset and predict customer satisfaction to improve customers’ shopping experience and reduce product return.

Get your dream job with GreyAtom’s Career Services

24 1:1 Career councelling 

One-on-one counselling sessions to bring your successful outcome and build personal brand.

Mock interviews 

Practice valuable interview skills before attending actual interviews and learn to put your best foot forward with feedback.

Career workshops

Learn what to expect from the industry and how to fit into the workplace with soft skills training to complement your hard skills.

Resume and portfolio building

Build LinkedIn and GitHub profiles with a solid personal brand that reflects your value to the industry.

Get access to a live job-dashboard

List of jobs sorted by company, position, location and more details in one place
Data Science Job-guarantee program job dash board

Our alumni work at the most exciting companies

Program Schedule


What’s a ‘Career Sunday’ session?

We analyse and break down How to crack interview in particular company? every Sunday. An unmissable session to get insights into the hiring process of top companies.

These are majorly technical sessions. You get a sneak peek into an interview.

Cracking an interview in a Product company is different from doing so in a Service company. Discover these key differences.

What technical questions were asked? How was the interview driven? Where did the interviewer choose to dive deep into projects? How to handle questions pertaining to algorithms? How to navigate the interview?

Handling questions mapped to the Data Science pipeline, right from Data wrangling to Model Building to Hyper Parameter tuning.
Learn from real life learner success stories. Get realistic interview success and failure rates. These mentors are the ones taking interviews in their respective companies. Ask them questions that you always wanted to ask.

What are mentor ‘Code-along Saturdays?’

Mentors are practicing Data Scientists solving real-world problems in the industry

  • The project that is to be solved is shared with the learners. The mentor opens the session by deconstructing the problem statement.

  • Learners then solve smaller sub-problems within the larger problem statement. Learner will benefit by observing the process over 6 months.

  • Solve a mix of real world problems and smaller projects while internalising concepts and building depth.

  • Learner completes the pre-work and comes for the session. They can ask questions during the code-along sessions to understand the concepts better.

  • Mentors share the ideal and practical way of doing things in the industry. Learners will interact with anywhere between 4 to 12 mentors across 6 months.

Become a Certified Data Science & A.I Expert

Share your achievement with recruiters, coworkers, peers, friends, and family.

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40,000 + GST

Upfront payment and non-refundable

* Amounts are exclusive of all applicable taxes.

Part 2: Pay after placement


1,35,000 + GST

Pay ₹1,35,000 only after you get job.
* Amounts are exclusive of all applicable taxes.

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