How this Data Science free course works

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  • This course is designed for Data Science beginners and motivated learners who prefer self-paced learning.
  • You will learn the in-demand skills that industry wants, improve your practical skills with the help of projects, and build a strong portfolio.
Paul Meinshausen

"I don't think there's a more exciting field to be in than data science, and that's partly because to be a successful data scientist you have to always be learning. GreyAtom helps you learn more than just the foundations of analytics and machine learning. It helps you become a better learner and that's a skill that will reward you for the rest of your life."

— Paul Meinshausen, Mentor @ GreyAtom

What you will get

You will receive one lesson from us each week, for 26 weeks. Each lesson has the following structure:

  • Topic material
  • Jupyter notebooks with code snippets
  • Bonus materials
  • Cheatsheets
  • Study tips
  • Career resources

What topics are covered

  • Foundation in programming and statistics
  • Primer on Git
  • Basics of Object-Oriented programming in Python
  • Numpy, Pandas, and Visualizations
  • Statistics and exploratory data analysis machine learning models.

Supervised algorithms

  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Decision Trees
  • Random Forests

Unsupervised ones

  • K-Means Clustering
  • Natural Language Processing & Recommender Systems
  • Notebooks
  • Bonus study materials
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Rohit Ghosh

"GreyAtom has an innovative learning platform which has reduced the learning time massively. Practical hands-on learning experience is given to students by letting them work on real data sets from day one. This novel concept grooms the student and prepares him to make a mark in the growing industry of Data Science."

— Rohit Ghosh, Instructor @ GreyAtom

How this course ensures you become a Data Science expert

We helped 1000s of Data Science aspirants from different backgrounds and we know exactly what it takes for you to become a data science expert.
To help learners get a clearer picture of what they are learning and keeping them motivated throughout their journey, we built 26 Weeks of Data Science. Here’s how this study plan will add true value to you:
In Depth Study Materials

Data Science free course with a structured study plan

Learn data science online today. Advance your career as a data scientist with free study plan

Access to DataGiri

Additional resources

Curated videos, book recommendation, career guidance, motivational tips, access to your local Data Science community, and much more.

Monthly Events

Resume building

Optimize your resume to match job filters for data science positions.

Real Data Set Projects

LinkedIn presence

Learn clever hacks to improve the visibility of your LinkedIn profile and get noticed by employers.

Career Resources

Interview questions

Find out how to answer critical interview questions that make or break the deal.

Student Testimonials

"The content was excellent. I learned new concepts that I implemented right away. Beyond the content, I attended so many events."
"I like the pacing and the breakup of the individual lessons. Any given lesson is usually not too long and can be completed in probably about 2 hours. I think learning this way makes it less intimidating"
"The material is well curated and is easy to digest for any person. The quality of the illustrations and the tutorials/explanations are very high."

Got Questions? We are all ears.

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This course is fit for beginners.

For a highly motivated learner, this study plan can be extremely valuable to launch a career in Data Science. From time to time, you will be receiving various career resources that can be used to build a strong portfolio.

However, if you want to learn Data Science faster and launch a successful Data Science career in top companies, you should consider mentor-led and advanced courses like our Data Science Transition Course. Our mentors had helped 1000s of Data Science aspirants from various backgrounds quickly transition to a successful Data Science career.


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