… here is all that you will ever need ...

  • 12 months access to the whole program
  • 14 Sprints
  • 24 LIVE mentor code-along sessions
  • 87 hours of training with mentors
  • 2 Career coaching 1-on-1 sessions
  • 4 Guided hackathons
  • 429 Assignments
  • 83 Quizzes
  • 16 Industry projects
  • 18 Cheatsheets
  • 18 LIVE career transition sessions
  • Unlimited chat support
  • Priority access to webinars
  • Verifiable certificate on completion

Join over 6,000 successful learners, and transition your career today.

...our learners who are now Data Scientists...

We have thousands of success stories. These learners made a decision to choose GreyAtom, and they are reaping the rewards today. Yours could be the next success story.
Susheel Amingad

Susheel Amingad

"My aim was to boost my career. At the end of my GreyAtom program, I had two offers in hand."

Software Developer at Accenture

Data Science Specialist at Sapiens Technologies
Sapiens Technologies

Jasraj Date

Jasraj Date

"GreyAtom really brought the industry into the sessions. I still use the same concepts that I learnt during my hackathons and projects at my job."


Artificial Intelligence Engineer at emotix


Abhini Shetye

"The path to me discovering Data Science was long and winding, but thanks to GreyAtom, the journey to becoming a Data Scientist was straightforward."

Assistant Manager - Network

Assistant Manager - Data Analytics at Nearby Technologies

...this program is for you, if...

  • You're an absolute beginner, or if you feel: “I can get some stuff done, but don’t feel totally comfortable.”
  • You have no experience with Data Science, but have basic programming knowledge.
  • You feel like you have some holes in your skill set, and could use a refresher.
  • You want to pick up new tips and tricks, or want to know the latest tech in the domain.
  • You want to practise solving Data Science projects to hone your skills.

Everything you need for a career in Data Science in one package

Next batch starts on 3rd October 2020

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Priyavrat Kagzi

Priyavrat Kagzi

Sr. Associate - Data Science at bharti axa

"The path to me discovering Data Science was long and winding, but thanks to GreyAtom, the journey to becoming a Data Scientist was straightforward."

Nitika Goel

Nitika Goel

Data Scientist Mobikwik

"Love their program. Awesome learning platform and very helpful interview prep."

Bhavesh Bhatt

Bhavesh Bhatt

Data Scientist - FlexiLoans

"Multiple capstone projects at GreyAtom have helped me develop my skills in Data Science."

Data Science Transition Program

  • 24 Mentor-led LIVE coding sessions
  • 18Career sessions
  • 87+ hours of mentor training
  • 4 Guided hackathons
  • 2 Personal career coaching sessions 1-on-1
  • 429 Assignments
  • 83 Quizzes
  • 18 Cheatsheets
  • 16 Industry projects
  • 14 Sprints
  • 12 months access to GLabs
  • Unlimited updates
  • Unlimitedchat support
  • Industry-recognized certificate of completion
  • +

  • BONUS #1: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning Self-paced content
  • BONUS #2: Time Series - Master Class 2+ hours of video
  • BONUS #3: Python for Data Science 4-day workshop; 6 hours LIVE with mentor
  • BONUS #4: 2-Day Tableau for Data Science Executives 6 hours LIVE with Mentor
  • BONUS #5: Business Solving Workshop 2 hours LIVE with Mentor
  • ₹52,998 FREE FOR Limited TIME

... just check the goodies ...

Whether you are a fresher straight out of college or seasoned industry professional with 10+ years of experience - you will find depth and relevance of these add-on skills in your journey.
Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning

BONUS #1: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning

Self-paced content

Currently, this module is only offered to our corporate customers. Learners across the globe amp up their resumes with this valuable skill.

₹22000 FREE Offer valid for a limited time ONLY
Time Series - Master Class

BONUS #2: Time Series - Master Class

2+ hours of video

Time series analysis comprises methods for analyzing time series data in order to extract meaningful statistics and other characteristics from the data. You will run across several applications of this family of methods in the industry.

₹6000 FREE Offer valid for a limited time ONLY
Python for Data Science

BONUS #3: Python for Data Science

4-day workshop; 6 hours LIVE with mentor

The Python Marathon is a one-of-its-kind course designed specially for aspirants looking for hands-on learning.

₹3000 FREE Offer valid for a limited time ONLY
2-Day Tableau for Data Science Executives

BONUS #4: 2-Day Tableau for Data Science Executives

6 hours LIVE with Mentor

Learn how to generate powerful reports and dashboards that will help people make decisions and take action based on their business data.

₹8999 FREE Offer valid for a limited time ONLY
Business Solving Workshop

BONUS #5: Business Solving Workshop

2 hours LIVE with Mentor

Learn how to frame your Data Science problem from a business problem. Build a hypothetical data product right from idea to model on paper. Cut through the clutter on how to solve business problems in Data Science.

₹8999 FREE Offer valid for a limited time ONLY

I am ready for a Data Science Job

87+ hours of mentorship over 6 months. Access to learning platform. Project-building. 1-on-1 career services and much more.

...your success is our success...

We at GreyAtom have had a profound impact on peoples' lives. See what some of them had to say in their own words. Each of these messages motivates us to do more.


Projects and hackathons

Prepare for the industry by solving real problems through projects, hackathons and code-alongs. Build your portfolio as you proceed, and emerge with a complete showcase of your Data Science skills.


IPL Data Anaysis

We want to know as to what happens during an IPL match which raises several questions in our mind with our limited knowledge about the game called cricket on which it is based.

This analysis is done to know as which factors led one of the team to win and how does it matter.


Zomato Restaurant Data Analysis

We want to study the food habbits of zomato users, their preferances, ratings and various other features to understand the food business.This will help us understand the food restaurant business better


Web scrapping with Python

Data extraction from web(Ranging from manual copy paste to complex automations)Websites come in different formats resulting in need of different web scrapers. A hands on session to scrape data from web


Customer Marketing Strategy

Segmentation in marketing is a technique used to divide customers or other entities into groups based on attributes such as behaviour or demographics.

The top challenge faced by marketers is understanding who they are selling to.
Once you know your buyer personas, you can tailor your targeting and offerings to increase their satisfaction and your revenue as a result. When you already have a pool of customers and plenty of data, it can be incredibly useful to segment them.

Here we will be using Credit card data to segment the customers.


Credit Delinquency Prediction

Delinquency describes something or someone who fails to accomplish that which is required by law, duty, or contractual agreement, such as the failure to make a required payment or perform a particular action.

Credit scoring algorithms, which makes a guess at the probability of default, are the method banks use to determine whether or not a loan should be granted. This use-case requires learners to improve on the state of the art in credit scoring, by predicting the probability that somebody will experience financial delinquency in the next two years.

…we've cracked the code to success...

It has taken over 10,000 hours to crack the code to a successful Data Science career transition. I have used data to enable 1000s of learners make rapid gains towards their goals.


Mayuresh Shilotri

Co-founder – Learner Relations

I’m Mayuresh Shilotri, and I guarantee that Data Science – Transition is the only program that you will ever need to learn Data Science online. Let me explain how and why.

My mission is simple: I want you to upskill as a Data Scientist. If you follow our advice — in addition to a structured learning path — you will get the results that you want.

You are about to begin one of the most exciting journeys of your life, and everyone at GreyAtom is committed to help you succeed. Becoming a Data Scientist is going to take a lot of your blood and sweat, and with sheer hard work and full support from us, we are sure you will get there!

The fact is that, to maximize your gains from this program, you will also need to put in an equal amount of effort.

  • Spend at least 1 hour per day on GLabs (the GreyAtom learning platform), reading the material and solving Data Science projects. Grit and persistence is the key to success and achieving your goals.
  • 86% of our learners who put in more than 6 hours a week have got at least 2 offers at the end of the program.
  • 91% of our learners who pivoted careers worked on Glabs every day.

That's right; we used data to ensure learner career transitions.

I wish you the best of luck with the program and hope you have as much fun learning, as we had building it for you. Once again, welcome aboard!

A final parting thought:

A final parting thought: “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.



Co-founder – Chief of Marketing

I am ready for a Data Science Job

87+ hours of mentorship over 6 months. Access to learning platform. Project-building. 1-on-1 career services and much more.

Designed in collaboration with top academicians and thought leaders, our curriculum is constantly updated to reflect new innovations in technology.

Prof. Balaraman Ravindran Professor at IIT Madras | Program Mentor at GreyAtom
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... 4 success factors for 100% success...

We bring the curriculum, expertise and ecosystem, and you bring the grit and determination to succeed.

Structured Curriculum

429 assignments | 83 quizzes | 16 projects | 18 cheatsheets.
Do it HONESTLY. You will 100% succeed.


We all need mentors. Learn directly from a community of 250+ global mentors, all experts and all committed to your success.


1,200+ Data Scientists in single Slack community. Engaged and responsive.


GreyAtom Learning Platform makes you practice. One place to do all. Easy to get started. Easy to sustain.

... what's a 'Career Sunday' session?...

We analyse and break down How to crack interview in particular company? every Sunday. An unmissable session to get insights into the hiring process of top companies.

These are majorly technical sessions. You get a sneak peek into an interview.

  • Cracking an interview in a Product company is different from doing so in a Service company. Discover these key differences.
  • What technical questions were asked? How was the interview driven? Where did the interviewer choose to dive deep into projects? How to handle questions pertaining to algorithms? How to navigate the interview?
  • Handling questions mapped to the Data Science pipeline, right from Data wrangling to Model Building to Hyper Parameter tuning.
  • Learn from real life learner success stories. Get realistic interview success and failure rates. These mentors are the ones taking interviews in their respective companies. Ask them questions that you always wanted to ask.

... what are mentor 'Code-along Saturdays'...

Mentors are practicing Data Scientists solving real world problems in the industry

  • The project that is to be solved is shared with the learners. The mentor opens the session by deconstructing the problem statement.
  • Learners then solve smaller sub-problems within the larger problem statement. Learner will benefit by observing the process over 6 months.
  • Solve a mix of real world problems and smaller projects while internalizing concepts and building depth.
  • Learner completes the pre-work and comes for the session. They can ask questions during the code-along sessions to understand the concepts better.
  • Mentors share the ideal and practical way of doing things in the industry. Learners will interact with anywhere between 4 to 12 mentors across 6 months.

...how will GreyAtom help you get a Job...

  • 1:1 career counselling

    Execute a personal Go-To-Market strategy for your job hunt.
  • LinkedIn review

    Make sure you are NOT committing rookie mistakes. Learn how to ace your LinkedIn profile.
  • Career sessions

    How to crack the interviews? Learn from the people who take the interviews.
  • Portfolio-building

    Build a super Github profile that showcases the work that you have put in over time.
  • Access to industry hiring partners

    Get a chance to showcase your profile to our industry partners.
  • Peer mock onterviews

    Practice with your peers to iron out the initial set of problems in your preparations.

…who are the mentors?

Industry experts with a passion for teaching, bringing their experience into your sessions

avinash ahuja

Avinash Ahuja

Manager, Developer Relations AI & ML at NVIDIA

Rohit Ghosh

Rohit Ghosh

Founding Member at Qure.ai

Daniele Rosa

Daniele Rosa

Lead Data Scientist at OSRAM

Shantanu Kumar

Shantanu Kumar

Data Science at LinkedIn

Parag Pansare

Parag Pansare

Associate Manager at Accenture

Manas Ranjan Kar

Manas Ranjan Kar

Data scientist at Episource

Bhavesh Bhatt

Bhavesh Bhatt

Data Scientist at Fractal Analytics

Sidharth Ramachandran

Sidharth Ramachandran

Head of Data Science at Gfk

I am ready for a Data Science Job

87+ hours of mentorship over 6 months. Access to learning platform. Project-building. 1-on-1 career services and much more.

...how does the learning happen...

You understand that there are sessions, the learning platform, community and much more. But you want to know how all of this comes together. This is how.

Here is how it works

  • Jen joins the program. She attends the orientation scheduled for the month. Next, Jen starts with the 4-day basecamp. She puts in effort to iron out her Python skills.
  • Mentor code-alongs and Career Sundays begin. Jen logs into GLabs to complete pre-work for each session and then attends the sessions.
  • Jen solves the assignments and completes sprints one after the other. Oh! She is stuck on an assignment. She messages the group on Slack for help.
  • Before a GreyAtom mentor can answer, another learner Adam chimes in. She now has a solution and a friend.
  • She is breezing through the program. After 4 months, she schedules a 1-on-1 with a career coach. The coach helps Jen with a personalized plan to target the job market.
Data science transition program joining

Watch your skills grow

GLabs is GreyAtom's flagship cloud-based learning platform
Learn by doing

Learn by doing

  • Practice tasks to learn new skills
  • Get real-time feedback on how you are doing
  • We are beginner-friendly and with you all the way
Outcomes matter - 'Get it done'

Outcomes matter. Get it done.

Industry mentors also log in to the platform. You can connect with them right there. Mentors keep you accountable, motivate you and help you with transitions.

Hackathons / Projects

Hackathons and projects

  • Hackathons are hosted on the platform. Hackathons compel learners to apply all that they have learned to a real world problem.
  • Making learning easier is not the goal. Making learning EFFECTIVE is the core mandate. GLabs strives to introduce just the right amount of challenges appropriate to stage of the learner.
  • Work with your fellow learners on industry-grade projects. This ensures that the learners are aligned to career market.
Learner Focused


  • Structured curriculum in one place: wikis, mathematical deep dives, simulations, assignments, challenges, hackathons and much more.
  • Just the right level of difficulty. It is challenging, but completable. Ramp up as you progress.
  • Creatively curated assessments to make learning a fun experience.

I am ready for a Data Science Job

87+ hours of mentorship over 6 months. Access to learning platform. Project-building. 1-on-1 career services and much more.

…what happens after you enroll…

We are with you. Always.
Live mentor sessions

Join the learner-only Telegram group. Receive real-time updates.

Query resolution sessions

Respond to pre-workshop survey. This will help us understand you better.

Monthly offline group study

You will get an invoice and an email with all the next steps.

Live mentor sessions

Join the GreyAtom learning platform to start learning.

Query resolution sessions

We expect you to attend 90 minutes of sessions each day

Monthly offline group study

We expect you to study 90 minutes each day.

...have more questions?...

Nope! This program is designed for beginners and those with some knowledge to transition their careers to Data Science. We'll be skilling you from ground up.
Yes. Once you buy the program, you get access to it for 365 days. In that time, all updates to the curriculum are free.
Yes. We keep on adding new concepts and tech as it comes out. These updates are included for free with your program.
All of our programs, concepts, mentor sessions, coding exercises, and projects can be completed from your browser, so you don’t need to install any new software or hardware. For the best experience, we recommend using Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
Absolutely. We provide verifiable certificates that will not expire for all of our programs. Share it with your family, friends and peers on social media, with a URL.
We strongly encourage you to avoid missing live sessions. However, you will receive a recording anyway. You will lose out on the interaction.
You will need to spend 12 hours a week for 6 months. Do it and you will make the transition.
Please do! Publishing your projects is one of the ways to showcase your skills to potential employers.
Your subscription starts with your one-time payment. After that, you will have continuous access for a year.
Drop an email on info@greyatom.com or give us a call at +91 7977015952, and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

100% risk-free investment in your future