GreyAtom is located in Mumbai, India. However, most of our sessions take place entirely online. Various cities have local meetups and gatherings. Students do not work out of our offices.
Learners who successfully made career transition typically clock between 12 - 16 hours each week. This is in addition to in-session hours. GreyAtom Learning Platform - ‘GLabs’ helps us track the time spent learning.
We accept students from all around the globe.
All the GreyAtom learners can avail GreyAtom career services once they fulfill the below criterion
  • Attendance 75% and above.
  • 75% completion on assignments on GLabs
  • At least 1 Hackathon
  • Capstone Project
You can see job openings after you have progressed through 65% of the curriculum. Approximately, around the Hackathon 2.
Till 6 months after your course completion.
We are targeting all domains, Both Start-ups and MNCs. We will also post Internship opportunities that we come across.
An opportunity missed is an opportunity gone. We also do not encourage.
  • Dropping out of the Hiring Process
  • Not responding to important calls/emails from our Industry Partners
Typically, we have 4 batches starting each month. Click here to learn the dates of all the upcoming batches.
  • We have convenient Weekend schedules that suit across learners across time zones. Talk to our counsellor to find a suitable batch. Click here to schedule your free counselling session.
  • Missing class isn’t an option.

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