Learn by doing - See your skills grow

'GLabs' - GreyAtom Learning Platform is an in-house cloud-based learning platform

How it works?

Tasks and Quizzes

Learn by doing

  • Practice tasks to learn new skills
  • Get real-time feedback on how you are doing
  • We are beginner friendly. With you all the way
Learner Focused

Learner Focused

  • Structured curriculum in one place. Wiki’s, Mathematical deep dives, simulations, assignment, challenges, hackathons and much more
  • Just the right level of difficulty. Its challenging but completable. Ramp up as you progress
  • Creatively curated assessments - Make learning a fun experience
Skill Map

Track Skill Map

  • Know where you stand in the race. Skill map reveals your strengths and weaknesses
  • It is critical to show where the learner is weak. Mistakes Analyzer pinpoints exactly the same. Both qualitative & quantitative feedback to shape up the learner
Hackathons Projects

Hackathons / Projects

  • Hackathons are hosted on the platform. Hackathons compel learners to apply all that they have on-boarded so far to a real world problem
  • Making learning easier is NOT the goal. Making learning ‘effective’ is the core mandate. GLabs strives to introduce just the right amount of challenges appropriate to stage of the learner
  • Work with your fellow learners on industry grade projects. This ensures that the learners are aligned to career market
Glabs Adherence

Outcomes matter - 'Get it done'

  • Smart Scheduler - Schedule time on calendar and recommends what to study/ revise - GLabs ensures you 'Get it done'
  • Industry Mentors also log in to the platform. You can connect with them right here. Mentors keep you accountable, motivate you and help you with transitions

Discover GLabs

Take charge of your career. Start your learning journey - Track your skill map and growth

Changing the way people learn technology

Learning Outcomes matter

Only learning outcomes matter. And, we are fanatic about it. Battle tested platform to deliver results for all types of learners

Validated Approach

Validated Approach

We have built this out over 3 years - Tested over 150,000+ learners. We know this platform works and delivers learner delight

Two to Tango

Two to Tango

Platform understands that your learning is both private and social. Community of Mentor and co-aspirants enrich and make the career transformation journey rewarding

Mentor with Machine

Mentor with Machine

We believe a Mentor with an online platform can help you reach your goals faster. Platform does not replace the mentor - it augments it

Jasraj Date

Jasraj Date

Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Imotix

DSP mutual fund

See how a fresher like Jasraj got a Data Science Job

  • Beginner to Data Science
  • Fresher with a maths background
  • Now uses AI to train a robot
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