Multiple capstone projects at GreyAtom have helped me develop my skills on Big Data and all other elements of Data Science.

Abhini Shetye

Assistant Manager - Network

Assistant Manager - Data Analytics at Nearby Technologies
Assistant Manager - Data Analytics at Nearby Technologies

Abhini Shetye

How Data Science took me from Telecom to Finance

After a short stint at Cognizant Technology Services after my graduation, I got a job at Reliance Jio, as an Assistant Manager in the Network Analytics and Automation department. I was quick to pick up everything there was about the job, but soon realized that the job did not allow for any creative expression, which was so integral to me.
I was searching for a career change when I happened to come across Data Science. I started exploring it, which led me to attend a Datagiri session – a meetup of Data Science professionals and enthusiasts discussing all things Data Science. Impressed by how organic and motivated the Data Science community was, I decided to pursue it further.
I learnt that GreyAtom was the brainchild of Datagiri, and comparing the Data Science courses from those offered at other institutions, I felt GreyAtom's program had a very comprehensive curriculum. It was basically a one-stop shop for Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. So, I decided to go ahead with GreyAtom's Data Science Masters Program.
The GreyAtom experience
GLabs was where we got to try out all the concepts hands-on, on real data sets. The sessions and GLabs were complementary and well-integrated; class notes were more helpful than I had realized. It was evident that a lot of thought had gone into designing the course with inputs from mentors. GLabs really aided our learning journey.
The Group learning experience was also something I didn't know I needed before I joined GreyAtom. Learning as a team was fun. We had help for all our projects and assignments either through fellow learners or our mentors. There was someone to hand hold us throughout the journey, and at no point I felt lost.
The Capstone project put our six months of learning to the test. When it was over, it gave us the confidence that we would make it in this field. We had two weeks to work on it, and the problem statement was very interesting and industry relevant. More than being a requirement for the course, it really boosted our confidence when we were done with it.
We had special Career services sessions at the end of the course, where we gave mock interviews, and those were really helpful. I am thankful as to how proactive and learner-centric the entire CS team was. A lot of work went behind preparing our resumes and grooming us for interviews. Looking back, I would not have gotten this job without all the effort that the career services team put in with me.
I got what I wanted from the course: I wanted a career transition. Shifting from the telecom sector to the finance sector, I am entirely satisfied with how this turned out. Moving forward I hope to progress to managerial positions in Data Science, where I will get end-to-end ownership of projects. That would be my next milestone. And then, let's see!
Jasraj Date

Jasraj Date

Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Imotix

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