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Priyavrat Kagzi

RM & Operations at Indian Odyssey Pvt. Ltd.

Sr. Associate - Data Science
Sr. Associate - Data Science

Priyavrat Kagzi

From Diploma in Travel & Tourism to Data Science

Growing up, I never quite saw myself working in a technical field. After I did my B. Com, I went for a Diploma in Travel and Tourism, which should tell you all about how I wanted my life to be.
But my career aspirations took a sharp turn when I learned about the field of Data Science. I've always taken pleasure in solving problems, whether it was math or real life. I am an avid reader, and one day when I stumbled on to a Data Science article, I learned how Data Science and Machine Learning help solve problems, both on an individual and global scale. That really hit the right chords with me.
Why did you choose GreyAtom?
I decided to take up a formal course on Data Science. Nevertheless, I had my doubts as to whether a person of my background could make it in this field. I had approached a couple of institutes by then, but it was GreyAtom's counsellors and subject specialists who helped me through my persistent doubts, and I genuinely felt that GreyAtom was being my fiduciary. That motivated me to sign up for their Data Science Master's Program.
How was your transition from Non-Tech to Tech?
I had people from varying backgrounds in my batch — some even from the arts — which helped my apprehensions. The jump from my non-technical background to a technical field was greatly cushioned by GreyAtom. The way in which their learning platform, Glabs, onboarded coding, mathematics, and statistics was so practical and hands-on that even learners who had no formal background in those subjects were able to get themselves up to speed in a short time.
Tell us about your time inside the program
Upon joining, my focus was all on the syllabus, which seemed rather Himalayan at the outset. But looking back, the syllabus was only a small part of it. Mentors were the main drivers of learning and the journey with the mentors made all the difference. We had multiple mentors instruct us during various segments of the course, and each instructor brought in a world of experience, helping us view topics from different vantage points.
How was your placement journey?
Towards the end of the course, the career services came in, and helped me build a solid portfolio. The mentors helped narrow down our areas of interest and work on them, and towards the right companies. The capstone project and the mock interviews were supremely helpful in cracking the job, by exposing us to actual Data Science work and current industry requirements respectively.
Today I am a Senior Associate at Bharti AXA General Insurance, in the Underwriting and Data Science team, helping the company curate and visualize data from millions of records.
How was your overall experience with GreyAtom?
GreyAtom provided a friendly and enabling environment to help me build my base in Data Science. I couldn't be happier with the sort of work I'm doing and the amount of difference I am making for the organization as a whole.
The path to me discovering Data Science was long and winding, but thanks to GreyAtom, the journey to becoming a Data Scientist was straightforward.
Jasraj Date

Jasraj Date

Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Imotix

DSP mutual fund

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