Solve business challenges using e-book for managers

This Data Science e-book is designed for professionals.

Harness your Data Science skills to turn data into actionable insights, add value to your business, and move up your career ladder.

What you will find in this e-book


Setting the stage for business

Maintain competitiveness in an increasingly data-rich environment. Much like the application of simple statistics, organizations that embrace, Data Science will be rewarded, while those that do not will be challenged to keep pace.


We will transform the field of Data Science into a set of simplified activities. This is one of the most underrated yet the most important phases of the Data Science lifecycle.


Setup right expectations, downstream effects. Solve problems that will lead to concrete decisions, not just analysis. Try and anticipate the impact of the potential solutions that you will be presenting to stakeholders.

About the Author

Shweta Doshi

Data science and AI literacy isn't optional anymore. Whether you are a business owner, a leader, product owner, project manager, or software developer, knowing data, understanding it, and getting insights from therein, can fuel your entire business. Data Science is about asking a business question and working your way backwards. Starting with technology first is the wrong approach.

KVS Dileep

Behind the buzz and jargon of data science is a valuable skill that is high in demand but hidden in the hype. Cut through the clutter, and the clarity can provide real value for business.

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