10 Steps to Build a Predictive Analysis Model and Grow Your Business

Predictive analysis is the use of data, statistics, and machine learning to predict future outcomes based off of historical data. The end goal is to build predictability and clarity into the decision-making process and insulate the company from shocks.  Predictive analysis has a myriad of applications and the number is growing rapidly. Vendors are making it easier […]

data science and transportation

Data science – a helping hand to Mumbai’s transportation network

Could transportation management in metros like Mumbai benefit from data science? Imagine you are driving to your vacation home listening to a data science podcast. The sun is gleaming across the hood, air is brushing through your hair, and you are being intellectually stimulated. Suddenly you have to hit the brakes. There’s a long trail of cars ahead you. The rays of hope, […]

Machine Learning applied to reduce Human Trafficking

Machine Learning applied to reduce Human Trafficking

At first, this might appear to be a vague and shocking topic to read about, let alone do an entire top-down analysis on it. Human-trafficking and Data Science? Ok, anything is possible nowadays, but you need data, obviously. Where? I mean, how exactly? Those could be some possible questions that could be bothering you. But […]

Naruto and Data Science

Naruto and Data Science : How data science is an art and data scientist, an artist!

Hi there! I am your average geek. The one that loves Anime and Problem Solving. Unsurprisingly the two things I fangirl over, are Naruto and Data Science. The more I delve into the world of data science, the more I begin to relate it to the way the anime Naruto was made. Naruto is a […]