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Secret to successful career in Data Science

This Data Science e-book helps you plan a step-by-step learning journey to launch a successful Data Science career. 

You will learn the proven method, avoiding common mistakes, and save time.

What you will find in this e-book


Current job market for data science

Designations and roles will vary in different companies, so the focus should be the responsibilities, as opposed to dwelling on the designation.

behavioural and technical traits needed in a Data Scientist

Explore different skillsets and tools that you need to acquire to be an awesome frontend web developer. We will group these into categories so that you are clear about which skills to prioritize for learning.

Interview process

An interview is often the candidate’s first impression within a company. Typically these interviews aren’t as terrifying as coding interviews.

About the Author

Saurabh Nikwade

The desired qualities not often discussed by Data Science enthusiasts are problem solving, the ability to learn and soft skills as you will constantly come across challenges, so you need to understand, communicate and tackle it while keeping the business running.

Juhi Sabharwal

Data Science goes beyond just engineering, it is the intersection of the business and technology. It is so important to have a business understanding, problem solving skills and at the same time be data conscious in making/building anything.

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