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GreyAtom's live coding sessions

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19th December 2020

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6 Live Mentor Sessions

8:00 AM Every Weekend

1.5hrs LIVE sessions on weekends.1-2 hrs/day self-study on weekdays for 2 weeks.

Learn by doing
Build 3 Projects in 2 Weeks

Learn from 6 exclusive live webinars of over 12 hours

Which project will you complete

Create 3 projects in 21 days.

You’ll already have 3 projects ready to showcase in your development portfolio, with our experieced mentors guiding through the live calls you’ll learn coding in no time.

Plus tips to get a Free Domain name & Free Hosting

*enrollment closes soon​

What will we cover

1.5hrs LIVE sessions on weekends.
1-2 hrs/day self-study on weekdays for 2 weeks.

Intro to HTML and CSS (Kickoff)

* Introduction to GreyAtom. * Understand the basics of Web Development. * Learn how to use HTML and CSS * Build your first web app with HTML and CSS (Instagram Clone App) from the scratch * Project: Instagram Clone App

Day #3 – Responsive Web Page Design

* Understand what responsive web design is * Learn about Responsive Grid Layout * Learn about Bootstrapping Layout and Content * Build a responsive food delivery website using Bootstrap. * Project: Food Delivery Website

Day #2 – Web Development Tools

* Learn about Git and Github * Understand how to use an integrated development environment for coding * Learn how to host your website on Github Pages

Day #4 - JavaScript

* Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript Programming * Understand how to make web pages interactive using Javascript * Build an interactive quiz app with Javascript concepts * Project: Quiz App

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Ranked the best Data Science Bootcamp Globally 2020-21


Who is this workshop for

Anyone who wants to start coding, the hustler, students, age is no bar for learning to code.

No prior coding experience needed, with our experienced mentors guiding through the live sessions you’ll learn coding in no time.

Our Success Stories

Your success story could be the next the success story.

What our learners have to say​

We at GreyAtom deeply impact people’s life and it shows. See what some of them had to say about us.

Who are the mentors

Industry Practitioners. Experienced. Have Depth. Love Teaching. Above all AMAZING HUMANS.

Manas Ranjan Kar

Data scientist at Episource

Rohit Ghosh

Director of BD at Qure.ai

Supriya Adep

Software engineer at Fractal

GreyAtom mentor Fatos Ismali

Fatos Ismali

Data Solutions Architect at Microsoft

Shantanu Kumar

Head of AI Products at inFeedo

Vedant Dwivedi

Data Scientist at Jio

*enrollment closes soon​

You will get a Certificate too

We know the importance of a certificate and want you to have some credit for attending the Bootcamp. If you are a college graduate – we can issue NAAC and NBA compliant Internship Certificate on Completion of “Introduction to coding” on request.


I will help you resolve all your questions. Check out some of the frequently asked questions below. In case you you still have question feel free to ping me on WhatsApp by clicking on the button below.

The workshop starts on Saturday, 19th December and will go on for 2 weeks. The LIVE sessions will be conducted every weekend at 8:00 AM every day.

Pre-recorded videos are great but don’t give the same effect as Live mentoring. There will be LIVE sessions everyday at 8:00 AM where the mentor will help build your project. You will get additional resources including different courses and video lectures for self consumption.

As mentioned above, the timings for the LIVE sessions will be 8:00 AM.

Absolutely. We provide verifiable certificates that will not expire for all of our programs. Share it with your family, friends and peers on social media, with a URL.

No, you can only watch them online.

Please write to : growth@greyatom.com. Someone from my support team will get back to you within 24hrs.

We understand it becomes really difficult to consume all the content in a week and maintain your daily chores along with it. Hence, you will get access to the video recordings of the live sessions for 14 days after completion of the workshop.

Nope! This workshop is designed for absolute beginners and those with some willingness to learn coding. We’ll be skilling you from ground up.

All of our programs, concepts, mentor sessions, coding exercises, and projects can be completed from your browser, so you don’t need to install any new software or hardware. For the best experience, we recommend using Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

We strongly encourage you to avoid missing live sessions. However, you will receive a recording anyway. You will lose out on the interaction.

Please do! Publishing your projects is one of the ways to showcase your skills to potential employers.

You will be charged a one-time fee of ₹1499. In order to book your seat click on the button above ”Book your seat @ ₹1499/- only“.

Drop an email on growth@greyatom.com or give us a call at +91 7977015952, and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

We have designed a curriculum specifically for people with non-coding backgrounds. We will first start with HTML CSS, then learn about algorithms and build an intuition for learning JS. Before learning coding it is important to learn computational thinking.

Have a look at openings for front end developers, backend developers on job portals. There are plenty of jobs in any and all sorts of companies. What is missing is the correct talent. More than a career option, it is becoming a basic requirement for many jobs. If not a complete developer, one must know the basics of coding and software services.

As mentioned above, this workshop will run for 3 weeks. There will be LIVE lectures on every weekend and you’ll be required to spend 60mins daily on weekdays.

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