Introduction to language models and NLP

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Introduction to language models and nlp

June 9, 2019|Shantanu Kumar

Shantanu is the Head of Artificial Intelligence Products, inFeedo where his work involves saving costs and time for HR leaders by providing them with actionable user feedback data and making the voice of employees’ within these organisations heard.

Shantanu is an ex-member of Udacity’s data team, alumnus of the flagship MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and on the Alumni Advisory Board. He co-created MiMent, a finalist of the program structured around personalised learning plans for Indian university students looking out for jobs and places to apply their skills.

Shantanu is a 2-time winner of the world’s largest annual code competition (AI Theme) and an active contributor to Stanford Scholar with one of his papers voted highest on the platform. A global speaker and guest lecturer at premier B-schools in India, Shantanu has been a TEDx licensee in the past and currently advises multiple early stage AI and Ed-Tech startups being deeply passionate about revolutionising Education through AI.

Key takeaways for you

  • Understand the field of NLP and an introduction to language models
  • Learn the different types of language models + introduction to word embeddings
  • Building your own language model + intro to transfer learning in NLP
  • Use cases of language models

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