Rishabh Gupta

All models are wrong; some models are useful.

- George Box

Rishabh Gupta

Senior Data Scientist
Jetstar Airways
Rishabh Gupta is a Senior Data Scientist at Jetstar, who helps business to make data-driven decisions by transforming data into meaningful stories and actionable insights. Rishabh has over 8 years experience working in companies like Accenture, Altisource, General Electric where he led and implemented multiple analytics projects. Rishabh holds a bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering from Uttar Pradesh Technical University and Executive Programme in Business Analytics from Indian School of Business.
Machine Learning NLP Probability and Statistics Time Series Visualization Data Wrangling Python
What I do outside work
  • Video Game
  • Sports
  • Travelling

Programs I mentor

I 'instruct', 'teach', 'solve doubts' and do 'hands-on activities'

Data Science Masters Program

Classroom - Mentor-led
Next batch starts on Jan 19   |  -5 Day left to enroll
Level up from a complete novice to a full-fledged Data Science Ninja through this comprehensive hands-on bootcamp-style program

Introduction to Python

Self Paced - FREE
Sharpen your Python programming skills with this essential toolkit for data scientists and set yourselves up for success in the data science journey

Frontend Engineering Program

Online - Mentor-led
Next batch starts on Feb 01   |  8 Days left to enroll
Accelerate your career growth with in-demand tech skills. Only pay after you get a high-paying job.

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