228 hrs Instructor Session
300+ Assignments
8 Guided Projects
2 Mentored Hackathons

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Program Overview

GreyAtom’s 10 months classroom offering covers core and advanced concepts, techniques, and tools that a data scientist will find handy in aiding decision-making. As you progress through the program, you will build the kind of problem-solving acumen that is needed to resolve real world problems.

Program Outcomes

  • Build production grade applications
  • Be fully industry-ready with projects built on REAL data
  • Solve assignments and quizzes for each module
  • Participate in Hackathons
  • Become employable, from startups to major tech giants

Learning Benefits

  • Comprehensive tech support
  • 12 months access to learning resources
  • Watch lecture videos multiple times
  • Build strong social media presence and great professional network

"The culture at GreyAtom is excellent and has helped me gain hands-on experience in Data Science. It has been a perfect deal for me."

Ronak Talreja
Data Science Program, Data Scientist @The Data Team
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Python & Tech Basics

Build your programming skills to analyse real world data using python and associated libraries.

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Getting Started with Python
  • Handling Program Flow in Python
  • Manipulating Data using NumPy
  • Data Wrangling with Pandas
  • Data Visualization with Matplotlib
  • Git Basics & Writing Production Grade code

Tech Stack

git github Python

First Steps into ML

Master the art of collecting, extracting, querying, cleaning, and aggregating data for analysis

  • Descriptive Stats
  • Inferential Statistics & Probability
  • Linear Regression
  • Regularisation
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Data Pre-processing & Feature Engineering
  • Feature Selection
  • Logistic Regression

Problem Solving with ML

Solve real world data science problems on industry data sets using appropriate Supervised ML models and algorithms.

  • Decision Tree
  • Random Forest / Ensembling
  • Gradient Boosting Machines
  • Challenges in Machine Learning
  • Clustering / K-means

Advanced Machine Learning

Develop a deep understanding on real world applications of Unsupervised ML algorithms.

  • Time Series Modelling
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Recommender Systems

Tech Stack

Matplotlib scipy numpy scikit-learn nltk

Big Data

Understand how distributed systems and parallel computing technologies are solving these challenges.

  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Apache Flume
  • HDFS
  • Apache Sqoop
  • Apache Spark Architect
  • Spark Dataframes
  • Apache Hive
  • Amazon Web Services

Tech Stack

Hadoop Hadoop HDFS hive spark

Deploying ML @ scale

Productize your data science models. Build a fluid understanding on how to deploy data science products.

  • Pillars of Machine learning deployment
  • Ways to deploy Machine learning Modules.
  • Deploy a docker API in cloud

Tech Stack


Deep Learning

This module will equip you with the foundations and enable you to construct a neural network with popular Python packages like Keras and Tensorflow. Along with it, you will also learn more about Convolution Neural Network, Recurrent Neural Networks, optimisation techniques like RMSprop, Adam, initialization techniques like Xavier, Dropout etc.

What will be covered in the course
  • ML vs DL
  • Feed-forward, Backpropagation and optimisation
  • Loss functions, regularisation and evaluation metrics
  • Image processing with CNN
  • Text processing with RNN

Tech Stack

keras Tensor Flow

Road to Career & Projects

“Experiential” projects are opportunities where students take what they’ve learned throughout the course and apply it to a specific idea. Our career services work closely with you throughout the program. We help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, determine career interests, and spot employment opportunities. We empower our students to become self-sufficient in navigating the ever-changing employment landscape.

Profile Tuning: till you get the Job. Allow our placement team to work its magic. Experienced placement folks can ensure your profile reaches out to people who matter the most.

Digital Profile Building: At graduation, you will have an extensive and rich GitHub portfolio, several storytelling blogs on Medium, and a résumé that does most of the speaking.

Interview Prep: We help our students gear up for job interviews with a rich resource repository of frequently asked interview questions to our past learners, industry talks where leaders share their insights on what they are looking out for in people when they hire.

Understanding Job Market: Our career coaches help you understand the hiring landscape and navigate its challenging terrain.

GreyAtom's Hiring Network is now looking to absorb the talent that is ready to enter the industry.

Industry Partners

yatra Auquan Haptik CCAvenue CleverTap mmsind flytxt The Data Team HDFC Life Mahindra

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GreyAtom provides Data Science Masters Program with Deep Learning based on classroom module where you can accelerate your Career in Data Science and build expertise on Machine learning, Python, Big Data etc.

Instructors, Mentors & Career Coach

Mayuresh Shilotri

Mayuresh Shilotri

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
jay Trivedi

Jay Trivedi

Data Scientist | IIM Ahemdabad | IIT Roorkee
Deepak Angrula

Deepak Angrula

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Bhumil Haria

Bhumil Haria

Senior Software Engineer at Paycraft
Sudhanshu Saxena

Sudhanshu Saxena

Big Data - Hadoop Trainer, Data Scientist, Big Data Speaker
Mehul Chopra

Mehul Chopra

Fr conceicao rodrigues college of engineering
Rohit Ghosh

Rohit Ghosh

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Soumendra Dhanee

Soumendra Dhanee

Institute of Mathematics and Applications
Sidharth Ramachandran

Sidharth Ramachandran

Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode
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Divyesh Shah

Divyesh Shah

Engineering Manager - Marketplace Management at Uber
Paul Meinshausen

Paul Meinshausen

Data Scientist @ Montane Ventures
Shweta Doshi

Shweta Doshi

Co-Founder @ GreyAtom - Head - Strategic Partnerships

“We also bring in a lot of Hiring Challenges and conduct Hackathons from our Industry partners to the classroom”

Our prime objective to provide our students with hands on experience in solving data science problems. For this we need a set of world class instructors having a perfect blend of both industry as well as academic experience. And hence we have built a pool of instructors varying from academicians from IIT to Data Scientists at companies like Haptik, Uber etc. We also bring in a lot of Hiring Challenges and Hackathons from our Industry partners to the classroom which develop various of skill set in our students.

Apart from that we have a dedicated team for Learning and Development which will help you with Job search and career opportunities even after the program. Our instructional staff conducts mock interviews, training exercises and role-play sessions designed to help you tackle the job interview.

"Multiple capstone projects at GreyAtom have helped me develop my skills on Big Data and all other elements of Data Science."

Bhavesh Bhat
Data Science Program, Data Scientist @FlexiLoans
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Industry Partners

"It’s been an amazing experience gaining knowledge of all the important topics of Data Science. Excellent work done on GreyAtom Learning Platform"

Arunabh Singh
Data Science Program, Data Scientist @The Data Team
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Student Projects

Our students build projects that are modeled on real industry data sets and address real-world challenges. This is part of the Immersive Learning experience of GreyAtom's flagship program. Browse through some of our students' projects to discover the learning outcomes.

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Career Services

Our career services work closely with you throughout the program. We help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, determine career interests, and spot employment opportunities. We empower our students to become self-sufficient in navigating the everchanging employment landscape.

Digital Profile Building

At graduation, you will have an extensive and rich GitHub portfolio, several storytelling blogs on Medium, and a résumé that does most of the speaking.

Interview Prep

We help our students develop confidence and become comfortable with job interviews through on-campus training sessions, roleplay, and mock interviews.

Understanding Job Market

Our career coaches help you understand the hiring landscape and navigate its challenging terrain.

Student Life

6 hours in-Campus

40% - Intructor led session with hand on coding on real datasets.
60% - Coding exercises.

Placement Assistance

Placement Assistance

Learn some of the clever hacks to bump your resume and social profile to the top of the pile.


Enjoy tea or coffee, jenga, and foosball!

Session with Industry Experts

oin for a talk by industry speakers in the evening.

GreyAtom Learning Platform

GreyAtom Learning Platform is our in-house, cloud-based training platform. Integrated with GitHub and Medium blogs, our training platform brings the best of all worlds at the click of a button. With on-board performance analytics and gamification, GreyAtom Learning Platform offers a seamless, immersive learning experience.

Learn by Doing

Learn data science by doing actual work on industry data sets. GreyAtom Learning Platform combines Immersive Learning with real data sets to deliver optimum learning outcomes.

Integration with GitHub

GreyAtom Learning Platform allows users to auto-post their work on GitHub. Over time, it builds a portfolio of demonstrable skills that can be leveraged during job applications.


Users can collaborate with peers on GreyAtom Learning Platform to troubleshoot problems. This leverages one of the key tenets of Immersive Learning - peer-to-peer collaboration.


GreyAtom Learning Platform is a fully-configured, virtualized terminal. Its integration with Jupyter Notebook allows you to code as you learn.

Real time dashboard

GreyAtom Learning Platform’s embedded analytics reflects the most current information about the user’s performance and assignment scores.

Build storytelling skills

A data scientist should be able to weave a compelling narrative around his work product. GreyAtom Learning Platform’s gamified blogging experience incentivizes users to blog on esteemed portals like Medium.com.



19th Jan

Sat, Sun • 9:30am - 4:30pm
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To apply for the Data Science Masters Program with Deep Learning, you must have

  • A Bachelor’s / Master’s degree (B.E., BCA, MCA, B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D.) in a discipline with a strong quantitative component like Mathematics / Physics / Statistics / Economics
  • Applicants with coding experience will be preferred

Minimum eligibility criteria may be waived for exceptionally qualified candidates.

Admission & Scholarship

How to Apply?

Selection Process

Common Process

  • Upon Review (ensuring your fitment to the Program), you will receive an invitation for personal interview.
  • Personal Interview with a panel comprising of Data Scientist and Full Stack Engineers will assess the candidate.
  • Once basic competence in engineering discipline is assessed, learnability, attitude are tested.

If chosen for Scholarship

  • Applicant need to clear above said process.
  • This would be followed by an interview with our Industry Partner.

Once an approval is received for scholarship from the industry partner, candidates are emailed an admission decision.

Fitment Incentive

Fee Structure

Program Fee


+ taxes
  • Scholarship available for limited students
  • Flexible EMI options
  • Discounts on full payment
  • Referral Bonus of upto INR 3000 T&C Apply

GreyAtom Fitment Incentive

A Skills-based Scholarship

Apply for Fitment Incentive

Program Certificate

Users will be awarded a certificate upon the completion of the program.


Starts In

Data Science Masters Program with Deep Learning

10 Months (30 weekends - Classroom) | Sat, Sun • 9:30am - 4:30pm