Fitment Incentive

A Skills-based Scholarship

What is Fitment Incentive?

Instead of a scholarship, GreyAtom has put in place a Fitment Incentive (F.I.) scheme. F.I. is awarded on skills and propensity to pick up data science concepts. We do not believe in a scholarship because in a skill-based economy, we wish to incentivize skills and not grades.

Criteria for evaluation

Program Expectations

What you hope to achieve at the end of the program.

Financial Assistance

Whether or not and the extent to which you need a fee reduction.

Engineering Background

The depth and range of your knowledge in engineering disciplines.

Computer Programming

The depth and range of your knowledge in programming languages.

Communication Skills

Your proficiency and articulateness in written and spoken English.

Data Science Awareness

The extent and depth of your knowledge of Data Science.

Extent of Self-Learning

The initiative you have taken to self-educate yourself in Data Science.

Affinity for Math & Stats

How comfortable you are with Math and Statistics.

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