GreyAtom’s Program in Data Science gives you the opportunity to work on real industry datasets. We encourage our enrollees to build models that create value for the employer. Feel free to peruse through the projects portfolio to see the kind of impact GreyAtom students make.

My model, based on data from marketing campaigns of a Portuguese bank, predicts whether clients will subscribe for term deposits.

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Classifier for a Portuguese bank.


Rahul Jain

Student @ GreyAtom | Working with Shoppers Stop

My research aimed at comparing predictive accuracy of data mining methods for credit card default in the Taiwanese demographic.

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Model for predicting credit card default.


Sandip Baradiya

Student @ GreyAtom | Working with Coverfox

My goal was to build predictive model of factors that influence a client’s decision to subscribe to term deposits.

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Analysis of subscription for term deposit.


Nikhil Akki

Student @ GreyAtom | Working with Deloitte