Reap the Benefits

Access to Industry Ready Talent

Our students will be working on rigorous 600 hour industry aligned curriculum. Interact, evaluate, mentor, etc them from the beginning.

Expand your Network

Speak, present case studies, conduct hackathon or event etc at DataGiri - A community of 4000+ data science professionals and aspirants, meeting once every month.

Get Fresh Perspective

Challenge our students with your problem statements or conduct hackathons. Get a fresh perspective on your business challenges.

Come and Contribute

Around 1.5 million engineers are released into the job market every year. But the dismal state of higher education in India ensures that they simply do not have adequate skills to be employed.

We, at GreyAtom believe in the power to do more and took an initiative to change this isolating traditional education.

How can YOU contribute?

  • Provide your problem statements whereby our students can work on them and develop on the job skills.
  • Inspire our students by sharing your expertise, experiences and career knowledge.
  • Hire solution oriented graduates from our program driving in value to your organization’s data and form successful strategies.

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