Prospective employers hire on DEMONSTRATED SKILL
rather than pedigree OR certifications

Accelerate your Career in Data Science

In just 14 weeks, build expertise on the in demand technologies for future - Machine learning on R & Python, Big Data on Hadoop, Spark & MongoDB, Web Analytics. Build your own applications and deploy them to AWS cloud! Elevate your career and gain skills that will last throughout your career!

I don't think there's a more exciting field to be in than data science, and that's partly because to be a successful data scientist you have to always be learning. GreyAtom helps you learn more than just the foundations of analytics and machine learning. It helps you become a better learner and that's a skill that will reward you for the rest of your life.

— Paul Meinshausen, Mentor @ GreyAtom

Work is Learning. Learning is Work.

Real office simulation, daily standup meetings.Use the same tools and workflows that expert programmers employ. Build and release real products based on real problem statements from the industry. Showcase your course learning on an Industry Capstone project led by Industry Mentor.

For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.

We strive hard to make sure you get the best return on it. Count on our career services to work closely with you from day 1 of the program to day 1 of your Job! They will help you identify your strengths and career interests, help you refine your career goals, and identify opportunities for you to connect with hiring partners. Mock interviews, training exercises and role-play sessions designed to help you tackle the job interview.

Industry loves our talent

We have a strong network of 200+ hiring companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the best startups in India.You could pursue data scientist roles, career in machine learning, software engineering, data analysis, data science consulting, data product management or even start your own venture!

The data team

“GreyAtom has a deep understanding of what it takes to build and train a data scientist to succeed within an organization. They have built a world-class curriculum that engages people in the full stack data science from data gathering to communicating business insights.”

— Jignesh

Showcase your work to the industry

Progress through lessons only by writing code that meets requirements of our curriculum. Every line of code you write is published to GitHub. Master the command line. Mandatory blog posts on completion of learning. No certificate or degree can prove you can code, but a great portfolio can!

All Student Projects

Immersive Learning = Intensive + Rigorous + Onsite + Tough

Consider it the special forces training. We are focused on a quality experience for our students. We judge the success of everything we do by the accomplishments of our students. Collaborate with other student on projects - emulating real-time teamwork. You'll double check one another’s work to reduce coding errors, and learn the team skills needed to thrive in a professional working environment.

Curriculum that is Complete and Updated

A full stack data science agile curriculum that takes you through the length and breadth of data science. A great mix of Academic Elegance and Business Relevance to accelerate your learning. By constantly iterating and tweaking our curriculum, we ensure sustained industry alignment.

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GreyAtom provides Data Science Masters Program & Data Science Masters Program with Deep Learning based on classroom module where you can accelerate your Career in Data Science, ML and build expertise in Machine learning, Python, Big Data etc.


Grow your professional network, make deeper connections

Exclusive access to 2000+ professional data scientists!
Expand your professional network, speak at data science events and showcase your true potential!

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At GreyAtom, Learning is Lifelong

We give you a 24x7 access to our campus for your life! Refresher courses to attend newer sessions introduced in the course. We believe learning is for life and should never end!

Quality education is not preparation for better life; Education is Life.

People graduate from our program as solution-oriented data scientists. They can deconstruct and solve any complex problem thrown at them resulting in better careers, better work, and better lives.

The instructors made us think critically and constantly motivated us to learn

— Aldrin