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"Multiple capstone projects at GreyAtom have helped me develop my skills on Big Data and all other elements of Data Science."
- Bhavesh Bhatt
Data Scientist at FlexiLoans
Hackathons are some of the best things that set GreyAtom apart from the rest. The conception of transitioning into data science while was working as a production support for an MNC. Exploring various options and running through a mammoth of programs and curriculum, I realized that GreyAtom has an elaborate curriculum which can help me pivot my career in data science. - Sonal Chandra
Data Science Executive at Nielsen
"Working in GreyAtom is fun! I have been working here for over a year as a Machine Learning Engineer, I still feel young in this company. They have given me the opportunity to work on problems in predictive modeling, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, natural language processing, data visualisation, and web scraping. It’s good to be a part of a startup environment like GreyAtom. They not only give you the freedom to work the way you want, but also believe in you."
- Varun Panicker
Machine Learning Engineer at GreyAtom
"I was one of the fortunate who has been a part of Greyatom. I recommend all aspirants who want to learn Data Science, that, this is the best place for learning and working on real Industry data sets. All in all Great Content, Faculty and Experience."- Rohan Damodar
Data Scientist at Cloudpoint Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
I was a part of the Oct'17 cohort. I stumbled upon GreyAtom when I attended one of the meetup session by DataGiri. At GreyAtom, I really enjoyed the peer-to-peer learning experience. The mentors we got were data science practitioners who experts in their respective fields. What I love about GreyAtom is their single student approach that aids in learning better. GreyAtom blends classroom training with practical learning experience, which is necessary to compete in this industry. That's the beauty of learning at GreyAtom. - Monil Doshi
Machine Learning Engineer at GreyAtom
"GreyAtom has a unique and effective approach where the faculty breakdowns complicated concepts to easier milestones with practical executions that leave no room for not understanding concepts theoretically and practically.The curriculum is so comprehensive and industry-focused with real workflows and tools that will make you fall in love with learning and Data Science. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to learn Data Science."- Darshin Doshi
Analyst at Cognizant
bijit dekha
"The program is a nice blend of theoretical and coding sessions. It gave me a good amount of exposure to Machine Learning algorithms, statistics and programming in general. I saw how linear algebra, statistics, calculus concepts are being used in Machine Learning algorithms to solve real world problems. Overall, it was a nice experience."- Bijit Deka
Learner at GreyAtom
"Love their program. Awesome learning platform and very helpful interview prep."
- Nitika Goel
Data Scientist at FlexiLoans
"Wonderful Experience!!! Data Science can be mastered only by working on real life data sets which Greyatom provides in its curriculum.Highly recommend to all the data science enthusiasts out there."
- Vishnu Kamath
Data Science Executive at Nielsen
Srishti Sawla
It was an amazing experience to join GreyAtom - working with the peers, getting insights from the mentors and learning on an AI-powered platform, GLP. While I was searching for data science programs, I came across GreyAtom. One thing that enticed me fill up the form on their website, was their elaborate course information on their page. Before joining GreyAtom, I never thought writing blogs will make a difference to my career path. Today, data science enthusiasts and companies read my blogs and applaud for the kind of research I share. All kudos to GreyAtom and team. - Srishti Sawla
Learner at GreyAtom
Rohin Sequeira
There is a certain level of comfort when it comes to learning at GreyAtom. Working for more than 5 years in the IT industry, I was saturated and I wanted a change. A change that could upskill me, give a better designation and give justice to my education. That's when I came across data science. I got an email from GreyAtom on 'What you should know before entering the world of Data Science?' They shared all the information that enticed me to take up this program. This is one of the best decisions of my life, and I am proud of it. - Rohin Sequeira
Learner at GreyAtom
Even though I was already working as a Data Scientist, my fundamentals weren't clear. To boost my conceptual knowledge, I needed a program that could leverage my skills. That's when GreyAtom happened. I must say, it has been an enriching experience for me. The mentors are really good, especially Rohit Ghosh. His lectures were the ones I didn't want to miss. Despite working for an entire week, I used to be all charged up to attend the weekend batches at GreyAtom. After investing in this program, I have gained a massive confidence with data science now. All thanks to GreyAtom. - Lorraine Lasrado
Learner at GreyAtom
Kshitij Satpute
I come with an 8-year experience primarily in Microsoft Technologies. When I was introduced to GreyAtom's brochure, their in-depth curriculum actually caught my eye. The reason why I joined the program was that I wanted to scale-up myself by learning new technologies that are growing fast in today's world. GA offers strong learning that helps you stay ahead in the game. GreyAtom has one of the best instructors that come with massive industry experience. What I liked about this program was that my mindset changed. The way I used to code earlier, now I have different perspective to it. Because now, you have to think like a Data Scientist than just a coder. - Kshitij Satpute
Learner at GreyAtom

GreyAtom is a one-stop solution to a data science career. From hands-on learning to hackathons, they cover it all.


Nikhil Akki

Consultant at Deloitte Digital

It’s been an amazing experience gaining knowledge of all the important topics of Data Science. Excellent work is done by GreyAtom on Commit Live


Arunabh Singh

Machine Learning Engineer

Concepts have been explained nicely. A must for students who are keen in learning Data Science and taking it as a career option.


Shival Patel

Senior Software Engineer at Lyra Network

We were made to work on data sets from their industry partners. The instructors were professionals from the industry. I'll recommend GreyAtom to anyone for a great exposure to the industry and helpful mentors.


Muhammad Mudassir Khan

Data Scientist at MMS.Ind

The real office simulation, daily standups, real tools and workflows that expert programmers employ excited me a lot. We were asked to build and deploy real products in our Capstone project led by Mentors from the industry. Not only that, we collaborated with other students on projects - simulating real-time teamwork. Moreover they conduct meetups, events webinars to bring us up to speed on relevant issues and building our professional network with other data practitioners who not only expanded knowledge but also gave us the chance to look beyond forcing us to be better and constantly motivated us to get us through the hard phase of learning by doing real work.


Nikhil Prasad

GreyAtom data science enthusiast

To do is to learn is the Mantra of GreyAtom. GreyAtom is trying to bridge the gap between industry and traditional academia.There is no point learning or mugging up Data science theories without getting the feel of real time problems. GreyAtom emphasizes on practical learning by providing us assignments on real time Data sets,organizing hackathons at regular intervals .The course is very immersive and touches each and every aspect of data science and trainers knowledge and expertise is unquestionable. Definitely I will recommend this course to each and every data science aspirant


Satyajit Singh

Data Science Enthusiast at TestInvent IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Never knew learning could be so enriching. GreyAtom is a one stop solution for all those aspirants who are keen in learning ML, Data Science and AI.


Ankan Roy

Systems Engineer at TCS

Leading technology today is more challenging than ever, with innovation changing the game at the speed of light. You need to catch up with the breakthrough and get your hands dirty. Greyatom has helped me catch up with data sciences, machine learning, big data and all that was greek and latin, with real industry based datasets and tools. I would recommend it to all those who are looking for a career in Data Science as well as those who wish to catch up on the latest technology wave. Look no further you are at the right place.


Karan Ingle

Engagement Manager at Deloitte Digital Studio

Greyatom is a great place to learn, The content is industry relevant and the practices are industry based. I learned a lot from greyatom the faculty is very supportive.


Biraj Parikh

Data Scientist at Piramal Group

Best Course for Data Science. The instructors were amazing and the active involvement of founders was helpful. What I loved the most were guest speaker sessions. We got a great insight into what the industry needs which helped us learn the right skills.


Rishabh Mishra

Lead Programmer Analyst at Accelya

The approach towards data science education is unique and practical. It will transform you in to a professional ready to take real world challenges.


Sagar Dawda

Data Scientist at Episource LLC

GreyAtom offers a unique experience of learning by doing real work. The course curriculum is very well thought through and it covers everything from basic stats, ML algorithms implementation to productionising your applications. Overall this experience helped me scale and fulfil my quotient of real worlds Data Science and it’s applications by a huge margin. Kudos to the awesome & hardworking team at GreyAtom.


Sandip Baradiya

Front-End Developer at Coverfox

The curriculum is very well thought of and has a good flow . Some of the lecturers were truly amazing . I really liked the full stack data science engineering program and will recommend it to anyone who wants to start Thier career in data science


Arun Kutty

FDigital Architect at Deloitte Digital

The culture at GreyAtom is excellent and has helped me gain hands-on experience in Data Science.


Ronak Talreja

Data Scientist at The Data Team

GreyAtom offers one of the best learning experience than anyone out there. Their content is comprehensive and industry focused. Also, their in-house learning platform Commit.live is integrated and covers both theoretical and practical implication tests.


Rahul Jain

Data Science, ML&AI Enthusiast

The instructors were amazing and the active involvement of founders was helpful. What I loved the most were guest speaker sessions. We got a great insight to what the industry needs which helped us learn the correct skills.


Manish Kembral

Vice President at HDFC Bank

Wonderful Experience!!! Data Science can be mastered only by working on real life data sets which Greyatom provides in its curriculum.Highly recommend to all the data science enthusiasts out there.


Vishnu Kamath

Learner at GreyAtom

I think its a great place to learn data science at greyatom specially its Commit.live platform takes your learning experience to next level. The best part of the program is the hands-on coding experience is great. The founders of greyatom are full of energetic people and help you in all ways possible to learn and grow. They have an awesome IT tech support team !!!


Vinod Boga

Team Lead - Data analytics & insights at ICLP

The course structure is really good and every topic is taught right from very basics to in depth. I have learned a lot from Faculties, Mentors, Peers and multiple Hackathon challenges were really helpful in building up my skills from a Data Science and Product perspective. Also the Learning platform Commit.Live is organized in a way that makes learning and assignments fun to do. Thanks to GreyAtom team for such an amazing experience.


Mohammed Sunasra

Senior Software Engineer at Capgemini

Instructors speak

Rohit Ghosh instructor
"GreyAtom has an innovative platform which has reduced the learning time massively. Practical hands-on learning experience is given to students by letting them work on real data sets from day one. This novel concept grooms the student and prepares him to make a mark in the growing industry of Data Science."- Rohit Ghosh
AI Researcher atQure.ai

The best part about teaching at GreyAtom is the commitment that the team has towards making sure their students succeed. And that not only makes the experience a lot more satisfying but also motivates you as a teacher to level up.


Deepak Angrula

VP Engineering at Acko Insurance

There is a massive gap between the engineering education and the standards set by the industries. Till now, organisations are facing a problem of finding the right talent that can be a perfect fit for their team and also help them grow. In this scenario, programs offered by GreyAtom fills the gap and act as a bridge between industries and right education.


Krupal Modi

Lead Machine Learning Scientist at Haptik Inc
Pushkar Shah instructor
I come with 8+ years of experience as a consultant, and now I take Tableau and Analytics sessions for GreyAtom students. I majorly teach on how to clean the bad data and train students in getting better at it. With Greyatom, it has been a great experience with the richness of the students. I am teaching people who are freshers and also those who come with 18+ years of experience. This kind of varied audience is hard to find in any other institute.- Pushkar Shah
Data Analytics & Visualisation | Training & Development
Prakash Vanapalli instructor
I started my journey with GreyAtom 2 years back. Particularly, what I love here is the 'Hackathons'. Their curriculum covers every aspect in Data Science and Machine Learning, which I feel is absolutely necessary for the overall understand of Data Science. The best thing that differentiates GreyAtom with online courses is the curriculum. Online courses only give you the basics of a particular model, but GreyAtom offers an in-depth understanding of the topic. - Prakash Vanapalli
Data Scientist at Fractal Analytics
Arunabh Majumdar instructor
The best thing that struck me was GreyAtom uses real data sets from the industry. You are not in shock when you enter the industry. You have already seen this, worked on it and know how it works. The reason why I joined GreyAtom was because they are one of the few institutes that were actively teaching data science in-depth. I haven't been actively involved in teaching before, so working at GreyAtom has been a great experience. It's not one-way of sharing information, learning has been on both sides. - Arunabh Majumdar
Tech Speaker | Senior Data Scientist at eClerx

I don't think there's a more exciting field to be in than data science, and that's partly because to be a successful data scientist you have to always be learning. GreyAtom helps you learn more than just the foundations of analytics and machine learning. It helps you become a better learner and that's a skill that will reward you for the rest of your life.

Paul Meinshausen – Data and Product | Montane Ventures, Academic Mentor at GreyAtom School of Data Science in Mumbai

Paul Meinshausen

Data and Product | Montane Ventures

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Team speak


Saurabh Malkar

GreyAtom Marketing Associate - Content Writer

Working in GreyAtom is fun! I have been working here for over a year as a Machine Learning Engineer, I still feel young in this company. They have given me the opportunity to work on problems in predictive modelling, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, natural language processing, data visualisation and web scraping. It’s good to be a part of a startup environment like GreyAtom. They not only give you the freedom to work the way you want, but also believe in you.


Varun Panicker

Machine Learning Engineer

Since its inception in 2017, I have been a part of GreyAtom’s journey. GreyAtom is focused on building full stack data scientists and gives you all the tools, techniques, and core concepts needed to make an impact. In just 16 weeks, you'll apply problem-solving and creative thinking to real-world data sets, gaining experience across the entire data science stack. As an AVP Engineer, my team has always believed in me, above all the company’s two major pillars Mayuresh and Mitul have been by my side always.


Sangam Angre

AVP Engineering

Working in GreyAtom is fun! Apart from doing recruitments, I get to do a lot of activities for the company. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and festivals together. That’s not all, we also have quarterly parties. Yes, we also have rewards and recognition for our employees. One year in this wonderful organisation and many more to come.


Shareena Fernandes


One of the companies that gave me the opportunity to learn marketing and branding while I was doing internship with them. I have learnt  a lot in this company and gained experience in designing brochures, social media posts, emailers and much more. All thanks to Mayuresh for giving me this great opportunity.


Santosh Kalaimani

Marketing Intern

Coming from a media background and establishing myself as a video producer at GreyAtom, I am working in correlation with the marketing and branding team on various aspects of video marketing. GreyAtom gives me the leverage to do things my way, as long as I am getting it done, they are happy. I involved in a lot of activities - events, videography and video making in the company. It’s a great company to work for if you are looking for leadership kind of profile.


Mohit Manghani

Marketing - Video Content

Working in an agency setting for 6 years and then coming to a startup environment was a big decision for me. I thank Mayuresh and Mitul in believing in me and who gave me this platform to lead multiple projects in the company. I have started my journey 3 months ago, but I feel as if I have been a part since their inception. I have seen an undying spirit of enthusiasm in the people working in this organisation, and I am glad I made the right decision to switching to a startup like GreyAtom!


Ronnie Bhanot

Marketing - Content Writer

My sales experience was not a benchmark that I was selected in the Admissions Team. But it was my skills that gave me an edge over. GreyAtom gives a chance to those who have the fire to prove themselves and are willing to give what it takes to become a leader. Most importantly, my efforts are appreciated here and every word is taken to action promptly. It’s a great working environment for everyone.


Akhilesh Shitut

Manager Admissions

Getting back home all satisfied at the end of your day is very important, this is what i am experiencing here at GreyAtom. Open Culture, space for your ideas and recognition is something i am enjoying alot.


Juhi Sabharwal

Head - Industry Partner

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